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Rhino Ark



Hi guys, Some of you know about the Rhino Ark Foundation and about the charity events that take place for it. For those of you who don't, a little about it; Rhino Ark's mission is to raise such funds and material support as are required for the building of an electrified fence to encircle both the Aberdares National Park and the demarcated forestry areas which make up the Aberdares Conservation Area.
To mobilise all the relevant national and international stakeholders towards a joint initiative to protect and conserve the Aberdares habitat.

To prevent any illegal exploitation of the forest habitat.

To promote the sustainable use of forest products for the benefit of both present and future generations.

By so doing Rhino Ark seeks to:

Mobilise stake-holders nationwide and internationally for initiatives to protect and conserve the habitat, and promote managed use of forest products for the benefit of present and future generations
Raise funds and other forms of support for the building and long-term management of an electrified fence to encircle the Aberdare National Park and demarcated forestry areas which form the Aberdare Conservation Area
Build mechanisms and management structures to prevent illegal exploitation of the forest habitat wherever it is threatened.

In this way, all stake-holders will benefit: the rhino, bongo, indeed all flora and fauna will be secure. (
Rhino Ark UK are delighted to announce that this year's UK Rhino Charge charity 4x4 event will be held on Sunday 23rd September at the traditional venue of Pippingford Park, Wych Cross, East Sussex.
The event has been moved forward to a Sunday in September to give access to more of the site and enable those who have to work on a Saturday to enjoy this unique competition, which can be entered by seasoned off-roaders or complete novices.

Sponsorship money raised as always goes to the Rhino Ark Charity in Kenya to continue the building and maintenance of their Conservation Fence around the Aberdare National Park.
Now the interesting part; We will be entering the UK event under the Bushboys Team name with 2 entries. It is quite important to us to source as much sponsorship as we can for the cause. I would ask all you guys to dig deep and help us raise this sponsorship. Company sponsors are invited, we will host stickers on the cars if you wish. Sponsorship can be made online at made payable to "Rhino Ark". Please post to G Bhabra, 22 Heathley Park Drive, Leicester, LE3 9EQ Money can also be sent via PAYPAL to [Email address removed] I would ask that any one that is free on the 23rd of September to show up and support Rhino Ark and Bushboys! Oh, yes, bring the TUSKERS! Feel free to contact me with any questions etc by email or phone; 0794 759 6217 Thanking all you guys in advance! Kind Regards, GoovZReplies to [Email address removed]

Replies to [Email address removed]
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