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RM315E - Body and chassis repair manual 2016-05-12

No permission to download
Perhaps because this is a site of likeminded helpful enthusiasts that help each other out, not a free book store.
If you consider you might like to help others and bring something to the party as well as receive the help you need then head on over to the ‘Introduce yourself’ section and tell us a bit about your truck, Post up some photos, that sort of thing. Oh and use words like Hi, Hello, G’day folks, that sort of thing.

Then once you’ve done that post up a thread about your problem and someone will help you. Downloads are available for long term members who subscribe but other members will help, even with manuals or pages.
ah, right :tonguewink:

That makes sense then. sorry was probably a bit rude and blunt of me but i just thought the link was broken or something.

thankyou for the advice i will do that one i take some photos of my cruiser not on blocks in the shed.
Any photo of a Cruiser is a good photo Turtle. Especially an 80, but then I am biased.

No worries about your first post. You’ve come to the right place for help with your cruiser. This is a really friendly forum with lots of info and helpful knowledgeable members.

See you over at the intro section and look forward to seeing pics of your truck on blocks or on wheels. Projects are always good to see.

Best wishes