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Roof bars - got some cheap



So, the story so far - especially for Peter - is that I had the
option of buying from 'direct 4X4' by mail order, or try Cooks at
Chesham. I wrote earlier that their website
( ) was so impressive, such that it was
confusing, and that there was mention of the Paddy Hopkirk commercial
bars but no detail on them.
As they are 15 minutes away I drove over this morning. Its a small
place but they are a veritable roof bar shangri la - stocking no less
than 500 pairs at any one time. They have great knowledge on the
subject and said that to buy one set to match both Pajero and
TLC80 was difficult. They said the best bet - if I was not into
aerodynamics and 'design' - was to buy the Paddy Hopkirk
tough-and-fits-all-but-looks-ugly-guvnor commerical van roof bars. Model RRHD1.
These are the style that has brackets made of tube bent into a hoop
shape therefore allowing an adjustable height platform to bolt into
a range of pre-drilled holes on each side on which to mount the bar.
(Also providing a rope hitching point). The bars are about 1.7 metres
long and have plenty of spare steel to cut down, the off-cuts I will
weld into a couple of clamp-on board extensions to help with carrying
8X4 sheets. They are heavy duty and look it too, and all components
are galvanised for long life. I would also hope that the
manufacturer's name also is something of a quality guarantee. The
model fits all vans up to Transit size and it can be adjusted high
enough to clear high roof models.
The good news is that they are on a cheap offer, this being due to
the average van owner now either buying new gutterless van models, or
going for the Rhino range which has a lot of accessories which the
Paddy's do not. There was a comment that the van owners - around
there anyway - are too wealthy and are happy to spend a lot of cash
on van accessories like the Rhino. So they have a stock of Paddy's
they want to sell-off.
I paid 45 incl VAT and they will despatch on courier for 8.95 on UK mainland.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus