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Hi all

New topic Julian!! One that should keep all of us chatting for hours.....

The car is, as you would imagine considering its age, showing evidence of abuse down below and is now showing rust on most of the heavy chunky bits. Also some evidence of rust on the frame and supports. It all looks, I think, superficial but what should I do to a)remove it and then b)treat it to stop it getting worse.

Also the top of the frame that surrounds the windscreen is showing tiny rust bubbles in one small place and there is a small rust blister on the leading edge of the bonnet! I guess the best way to sort this is to have the paint stripped off and the rust ground out, treated and then re-sprayed. Two panels at my local shop should cost =A3200 a panel so it's not too bad. Just annoying after all the other costs so far this year.

Julian. I have to replace the birfields. It looks like Milners for the bits but can you drop me a link to the best way to do this? I have done the repacks so know the routine just need a refresher to see how to pull apart the balls and cage!!

All the best

Simon Hughes

Rusty 93 HD-T TLC 4.2L Turbo Diesel custom SS Exhaust and OME springs/Bilstein Shocks currently resting on a hill in Blackheath


Hi Simon,
Yes and HTML formatted!!!!!! Bad Boy!!!!!
I suspect a good coat of Waxoyl will halt the spread and protect it.
You can get it sand blasted to strip back to the metal, but a good dose
of Waxoyl with prevent further air and moisture getting to the rust
preventing it from spreading.
This should ring some bells:
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Hi all
I just did that-sand blasted the frame and then protected it with
antirust stuff-that pleasure cost me 570 Bpounds :))))))
On Aug 29, 2006, at 6:30 PM, Julian Voelcker wrote:
> it sand blasted