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Sad day, Don't hate me


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Feb 25, 2010
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Well it had to happen sooner or later. 120 has been sold. Received a fair offer for it so off it went.

Had it from new, 2005 /55 plate with 141k miles on the clock. It wasn't fault free, but never let me down, but starting to rust in the usual places and had a drone from somewhere, I suspect the CV joint.

Not sure what next, will look around. Not a huge fan of the new 150's and everything is so expensive right now. Will see.

So down to a one car family for now, the Audi S5 is a nice place to be.


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That's a shame Tony, be interesting to see what you consider getting next. Nothing really stands out to me at the moment tbh....

Did you get shut of your Tesla?
Mrs wants a higher car, so some sort of cross over pretend a SUV vehicle. Personal choose would be something like the Porsche Macan, Audi Sq5 or the VW Touareg, but all are way over budget.

Tesla was a company car, changed jobs 4 months ago so I had to give it back.

Perhaps a EV or hybrid would be considered.
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Contemplating this over christmas because im beginning to wonder if i will ever get anywhere i might need a cruiser for .and my friendly local mot place had pissed me off by adding some entirely unnecessary advisories .

Idle fantasy maybe but i sold them all and bought myself a motorbike .
It was a impulse sale and I may live to regret it, but the options are interesting.

Jaguar F Pace looks interesting as does the Merc GLC. Will need to go and actually look at these, but sadly these are all Chelsea tractors compared to the 120. (And yes I know compared to the 80's the 120 is a softy too)

Not a fan of the Hilux and that type of vehicle, don't like the rear "boot" space.
@Shayne didn't you nearly wipe yourself out on a motorbike? I think your Mrs will have a dim view of that
Aint nothing out there with 4 wheels that appeals to me , so it was like no repair costs or mot worries and cheap maintenance . I don't get out much but at least i'd still enjoy a run .Trying to justify it being a sensible choice i suppose .
I drove a GLC once and didn't think much of the visibility. But we're all used to vehicles with a lot of glass - not sure the modern ones are quite the same....
Shayne, just re-read your post, oops! fantasy, mine too! When we have been away ( some good trips) I view the bikes with a tad of envy, especially when we were on the NC 500 and Corsica, beautiful winding roads………
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Like many have mentioned nothing currently available in the UK market from any manufacturer appeals to me .
Not any UK spec 4x4 or saloon or estate car from 2022/23 makes me want to go and buy it... and seemingly neither do many of the youngsters I know who are all going out and spending their money on cars and 4x4s that are frequently older than they are .
If I won the lottery but had to buy a 2022/23 model car I would still struggle ..... I could spend millions on late 80's to early 2000's vehicles though .