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I didn't notice it before because it was where Frogs Island had fed in the breather tubes, but there is a hole in my snorkel on the head, it is a moulded in not a broken hole, or made by Frogs when they fitted the snorkel and breathers (who BTW missed out one tube altogether). I have since plugged it with a plastic champagne cork as you can see;


I have now had a breather system fitted by Greg :ugeek: at Landcruisers Overland and that is a much neater job :cool: ,


it uses a collector box under the bonnet with just one tube running up the side of the snorkel, but why would the hole be there unless it is just there for the breather tubes. :confusion-confused:


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Andrew Prince

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Cossack said:
why would the hole be there unless it is just there for the breather tubes. :confusion-confused:
I seem to recall something about that hole being there to allow water to drain out of the snorkel. I.e. if you're driving through torrential rain at reasonable speed and a lot of water is going into the snorkel, the momentum of the water is greater than air so it impacts the back of the snorkel head and that hole is located just so to allow that water then to drain out, rather than flowing down the snorkel and making the filter damp. This explanation may be complete rubbish - I think I read it on LCOOL and there was further debate about whether it was correct or not.

Obviously for this to work (if only conceptually), the intake would need to be facing forwards, unlike yours :mrgreen:



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Don't think the hole is for that Andrew. The back part of the snorkel head is not a flush fit a with the rest of the snorkel. Rain striking the back of the head drains out though the raised sections. It's just visible under the clamp in the pic.

I thought only LR drivers drank champagne with plastic corks. :twisted: