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On 5/23/06, [Email address removed] <[Email address removed]> wrote:
It remain to be seen how soon dust and vibrations would kill it. Wanna bet?
I strongly encourage you to explore the Toughbook options.
BTW, would you have the Win2K Pro installation disk. If you do, will
you please PM me?
You need a vehicle power supply, which is a bit more expensive than a
mains PS unit - about the price of a voltage inverter, though.
The USB ports don't work so are next to useless.
You could add a few GB here and there at a reasonable price (e.g.
Toshiba make 2Gb PC card disk), but the PCMCIA connectors won't last
long, like the rest of the hardware. They would be allright, however,
for storing the pictures away from the computer, and cheaper than SD
memory cards of equal capacity.
All the IGN 1: 250000 maps you will need to use for the whole trip
take 460Mb of disk space. You won't be able to run them for long from
a CDROM while driving on African roads.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80
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