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Service Hints



From Dick Valentine
Hello all, when I posted my original service hints, I had little idea it
would provoke such debate and response, thanks to all who have responded
keep up the good work.
I stick to my original statement that good servicing and common sense
work, however as with all things mechanical they will eventually wear
out. In the case of Land cruisers Toyota seem to have it right, in that
they are built to a high spec and then down rated, by this I mean in the
case of my own cruiser fitted with a 3 liter D4D rated at 160 hp, most
competitors expect to get much more power for that size engine, which in
turn means they have to work harder, but possibly at a cost of
reliability. However it still has to be looked after properly, to give
it a chance into old age.
I will leave you with the thought that if it aint broke don=92t fix it,
but if you can make it a little better do so.
Kind regards. Dick valentine. Rugby
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Hi Dick,
If you look at it from another angle your engines is very highly
stressed it makes 160Hp from 3.0L (53Hp/L) the 1HD-T made 165Hp from
4.2L (39Hp/L). The old 2.8L hilux engine made 90hp (32Hp/L) and they
failed due to preamture wear and running bigendswith montonous
regularity. In your D4D I would rather change full synthetic (appropiate
additive package and base stock, read abuse proof very low volatility
high viscosity index oil) diesel at 2-4x std drain intervals than so
called normal diesel oil. I suspect normal oil in the UK is of much
higher quality than we see here in NZ. If the oil has a magnesium based
detergent pacakage it will thermally decompose before your engine oil is
even upto normal working temp in the D4D engine.
Valentine wrote: