Shot Blasting Under Chassis - with body still on?


New Member
I am in uk
Feb 6, 2015
Both my 100 v8 and 70 2.4td are scabby underneath, I have a car ramp and a total loss shot blaster (and a big compressor) is it a good or bad idea to be waving that around under the cars and attempting to blast say the axles/roll bars etc with everything in place before I get the Dinitrol out? Im not really sure if I am going to regret it and end up with shot/sand in every nook and cranny....

Although probably no worse than running one in a desert....or down a beach as im sure some people do!

Getting the wire brush in there on an Angle grinder just looks too awkward to me.


Super Moderator
I am in europe
Feb 24, 2010
Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Shotblast, no I would say not. Too aggressive for all sorts of part. Soda blast or maybe sand perhaps, but having been a shotblaster for some time, I'd be concerned. But then it all depends on the equipment. It's a very aggressive process.
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