Snorkel [ foam air filter]



I do not have a snorkel but some knowledge of aerodynamic behavior tells me
that if the snorkel mouth was reversed then it would be in an area of
reduced air pressure and would tend to have a detrimental effect on
performance if the mouth faced forward then it would be in an area of
increased pressure and would provide the combustion with more O2 and
theoretically more power, in effect a ram.
Anthony Graham
West Wales
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Hi Guys
Just while on the subject of the snorkle, If it is turned backwards will the
air flow into the engine be reduced , cause you always see them pointed
forward, but this is also the angle that the dirt comes from , would it make
sence to turn it the other way and reduce the dirt inhaled.
Are the reusable foam air filters better than the paper ones. Does any one
know of a good place to buy these, I tried Amsoil but they only do one for
the petrol 80 some thing to do with being an amarican oil company.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HD-T Ireland


Roman and Anthony
Thanks for all the advice as usual, is there any questions about the
cruisers and such that someone on this list does not know except of course
myself who knows more than when I joined but nothing compared to you guys. I
find of late that it is rare now that I bother going to other lists at all
because (well) you guys leave very little if any of my questions that can
not be answered.
thanks again im sure i will come up with some more mundane questions
John C 92 HDJ 80 1HD-T Ireland


Depends if you care about power or muck - think of all the flys getting
rammed down there in summer.
Anthony Graham wrote:
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