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Snow chain



Some of you may recall that after several years driving in the Balkans I am
a great fan of quick fit chains even on an 80. (For use in mud too Benoit!)
Recently Car Parts Direct have sent out a circular offering a deal at about
59 quid with a part exchange offer if you return chains unused when
upgrading to a new vehicle. All very well for company car drivers, but us
old grizzled TLC owners keep the vehicle for a long time and also use the
chains on occasion.
But if you want some chains then look at Cooks of Chesham. I have mentioned
them before as superb experts on all things roof bar/rack etc. They are
offering chains at better prices than Car Parts Direct, but moreover if you
want a set for a family car they are ridiculously cheap at 19.50 for a huge
range of tyre/wheel sizes. (Carriage is a constant fixed price for all
sizes). I was in there last week and bought a set for my Fiat on chunky
195/60/16's, chains that are the same make that I bought for the 80 several
years ago - very hard wearing.
Oh, and why do I need them in sunny Bedfordshire someone is bound to ask - I
need them to travel through Austria and Hungary on my way to Serbia. (At
times there are roadside inspections to check drivers are well equipped for
conditions ahead).
Linslade, Beds - remembering to use txt format for once !