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JB, I can't comment on front towing hitches, but you might remember that I had a NATO hook on the 80 as part of the military spec. I later changed this to a ball hitch, but it was a swan neck. If at all possible don't get one of those hitches that slots into a vertical channel. They may give you an adjustable height - should you ever need it. But your exit and approach angles are severely compromised by that channel ploughing through the landscape. The swan neck type is naturally curved and provide little resistance to grounding.
I have sent you pictures of both types when fitted to the 4 hole hitch point on my 80.
BUT, although the 80 is rated at something like possibly 3500kg for towing, this applies to a fully braced hitch attached to the long chassis members. I think the 4 hole mounting is for 750kg max. So be warned !
Having said that, the bumper hitch not only on mine but other 80/70 models in 2 fleets I have been working with, have been used for towing others out of mud/rivers/ ravines/icy roads etc. Its tough enough for that. My 80 was originally used for UN convoy escort during the Bosnian war, and I am sure it had plenty of experience pulling others up snow covered mountain passes etc. with little detrimental effect.
I have towed my 750kg trailer across Europe with no problem. But one day Julian looked at my rear bumper and rightfully pointed out that the hitch has 'eased' the bumper back a tad. But my defence was that it had probably seen far more service than most 80's for towing, in at times, unusual circumstances.
Linslade, Beds
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Hi Jon
You have raised a few good points that I did not think of.
So I will take it all in.