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You do make some valid points. Pity though they are from experience - I hope
that all turns out well.
Ok, as it stands now, it would be nice for people to user their real names,
either first or both if they wanted to. I say this for the reasons laid out
before. However... We are new to this and thought it would be a good idea to
make it like that across the board. We hold our collective hands up and say
- fine, we were wrong.
So, please do go register, as whatever you wish. All are welcome. :)
The only exceptions would be obscene user names but I doubt anyone would use
Hope this clears things up?
On 6 March 2010 15:51, toyj80 <[Email address removed]> wrote:
> Crispin wrote....
> The username request was in an attempt to try and keep names simple and
> clean. The South African site does it this way with great success and word
> has it, PradoPoint is trying to convert.
> We have had long debates about it; should we allow any old name or should
> we stick to the name / surname combination. It was agreed we would try the
> name / surname thing now, while the site is new and see how it goes. If it
> really is a problem, we would not enforce it Gestapo style but simply say it
> was a lesson learned and revert.
> Surprisingly, a number of already registered users on the site have asked
> to have their usernames changed before we asked for it. Since asking the
> existing members, some have raised some concerns but for the most part,
> people seem happy to go with their real names.
> Crispin, I accept what you say and appreciate that is the view of a lot of
> people. But out in the real world there is a danger of being watched by
> undesirables. Speaking from personal experience, I have suffered ID
> theft/bank fraud, my sister has had ID theft, and recently I have had a very
> bad time with aggressive phone calls at home from someone we do not know.
> Eventually the police sorted the problem, but this person came to know where
> we lived and what our daily routine was. (Prosecution is pending).
> Therefore to give out real names on these sites can be very questionable.
> In fact I know of one forum of holiday home owners who have suffered
> personal abuse from locals who acquired their contacts and addresses from
> the forum member's page.
> I hope that this new TLC forum soon realises the mistake of insisting on
> names, so many forums these days just don't do it out of respect for
> potential ID theft.
> I for one certainly do not use my real name on open file memberships any
> more. In fact I think it is only Julian who knows my full name after all
> these years with ELCO. But I don't think any harm has been done by not
> having this onerous rule on ELCO.
> Jon
> Linslade, Beds
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