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Spare tyre lowering tool

I built a makeshift homemade tool with a dowel that I screwed in a large eye hook, and first I pressed a sleeve that end to keep it together. I recommend a hardwood like oak/maple over something like poplar. It’s not perfect, but it worked for the first 6 months until I could order the end piece (the only thing mine was missing).
Hi all
i received a reply from Toyota re the security device for the spare wheel a bargain at £360 not
cheaper to cut it off with an angle grinder and order a plain new one from Milner

2023-05-22 14_59_52-Video - Google Photos.jpg
I'm interested in the engine cutting out as mine has done this twice within 12 month of use. Both occasions I had removed my foot from the throttle and touched the foot brake. Engine cut out and full dash lights on. Stopped the vehicle, put it into park, hand brake on, ignition off. Left it a short moment while I contemplated? Turned it back on and it fired up and drove off without another issue. Nothing on the code reader?
As a matter of routine I have looked around the engine just checking items. I removed the air flow sensor as often when gummed up with oil, this can affect performance. Basically no faults found. However, on a similar vain, I have been looking after a Ford Transit van with the same problem and the code reader came up with Throttle Position Sensor. So I removed it and cleaned it up. Put it back, so far so good.
Conclusion, I will have a look at the TPS on the Toyota.
I had the same problem with my 100 series. Cleaned the connection on the tps and have never had the same problem again…….fingers crossed