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Steel wheels Renate and Sizes JB



If you have the choice - and bearing in mind your comments about Michelins
or whatever. Then get split rims, they will allow you to use tyres with a
stiffer sidewall - and that is where quality is to be found. Cheap 8 spokes
or modulars look good but are not too practical on a 'real' 4WD as they
mostly have no split rim.
JB as for size of wheels, I really don't know why people want the biggest
they can fit - in Europe anyway. If you want to go rock crawling with Lal
then I can understand. But in Europe - thinking m u d - then go for
flotation i.e. width of footprint, and not even more height off the ground.
(If you are short then you can't even climb into the driving seat!) Wide
16 inch are better. Its what we use out here and we go everywhere the
peacekeeping force goes with much higher spec vehicles.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia


At the risk of putting poor Renate in a state of utter confusion, I
would like to remark that split rims are believed to cause a lot of
tyre damage (many people report frequent punctures ), have a tendency
to act as a projectile, have limited speed rating and are a pain to
balance. In other words - for what they are worth, they must have
been invented for landrovers.
IMHO the best option is NATO type steel rims. Cheap aftermarket rims
will bend like
beckham, and those shiny alloys will crack rather then bend, making it
impossible to beat them back to shape with a big hammer.
Jon, what did they put on the LC's used for fieldwork in Bosnia?
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80
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