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Steering box



JB you will recall that my 92 '80 is a military spec albeit not 'NATO
spec'. But I think you will find they are one and the same. If I
remember the last time I looked on the EPC at the dealer, Toy use the
'NATO spec' designation as one of its military specs as opposed to
the more extreme versions of the 70 series.
These vehicles - at least of 92 vintage - are bare bones stripped out
versions. I very much doubt it will have had anything other than the
1HZ engine like mine. Therefore the steering will not be speed
sensitive. As far as I can see my steering is as bog standard as it
gets, so the steering box should be OK given that yours also had a
basic non speed sensitive box too.
I appreciate that sellers of odd spares are not well versed on the
spec of the donor vehicle. But if you can get the model number from
their firewall plate, then you can look it up on the ubiquitous -
Toyota Land Cruiser Frequently Asked Questions List - Edited by Rob Mullen
Where you will find a full breakdown of the spec of every model. Mine
is quoted as
Which is the 1HZ engine, naturally aspirated, wagon body, LHD,
general market, military spec and troopie type doors, not a tailgate.
It should be similar for the donor vehicle.
Linslade, Beds
'92 HZJ 80 ex UN Bosnia surplus
Hi Guys
Any one able to explain what the difference is between the speed sensitive
power steering box and the other one.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT