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Steering Damper


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Feb 24, 2010
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With the front wheels off the ground the other day, I noticed that the steering damper was making very squishy noises. So I decided to pull it off and see. Well an hour of laying into it with a lump hammer and a ball joint splitter I got it off. Well it's been on their for 16 years. Didn't seem to have much inside it. I have been driving it for a week without it fitted and it felt absolutely no different. Actually it felt fine. Which means one of two things:

A) Steering dampers are pointless


B) Mine was so far gone it did nothing.

Well with my new Ironman foam cell damper fitted this afternoon, I can tell you that the answer is...... option B. I mean it's not like suddenly the car is transformed, but it's certainly better. Much less feedback up the wheel and it doesn't have the little wiggle when you brake that it used to have.

Thanks once again to West Coast. Their postage ain't the cheapest, but great service.

That may spur me on to fit the one thats been rolling around in my boot since I fitted the lift kit last year... :oops:
My dad took the 80 out for a little drive around our home town few years back.

He actually drove the drivers side wheel into a head on collision with a fiesta.
Bent the steering rod, but the OME steering damper leaned into the force of the collision and dad didn't even lose grip of the steering wheel.
A new steering rod and an alignment job fixed the Toy, dad got a scare.

The fiesta was total loss and the near sighted little old lady driving it decided she had enough of driving all together.

Steering dampers keep your vehicle stable when your wheels hit bumps and other stuff.

Oh and when your old and wornout don't buy a fiesta, buy a Toyota LC you'll live longer :lol: