Steering rack defective


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I am in austria
Jun 18, 2016

i'm urgently searching a steering rack for a LC100, model year 2006.

Here is the part number, taken from the original and defective steering rack: 44200-60040
In my region, in Austria and Germany, it is not available...

I've found steering racks at ebay with no 44250-60020, -60021, -60022, -60050, -60060.

Does anybody know whether the one of the above named part numbers are compatible with the 44200-60040 steering rack (with VGRS)? Or where i can get the correct part?



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I am in norway
Mar 7, 2010
Oslo, Norway
According to the parts list I have access to, that part# does not exist. Assuming you have a HDJ100, LHD, produced in 2006 for the European market, the correct part# is listed as 44200-60120 for VGRS equipped vehicles. Furthermore, to me it looks like the difference between 44200-xxxxx and 44250-xxxxx is that the latter is delivered without the tie-rod ends, and not listed for cars produced after 2002/09.

Can't you just walk into the nearest dealer's shop and give your VIN?

And, you really need to give more details to get specific answers. Model code, intended market and production month is required; or the VIN.


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I am in honduras
Dec 15, 2020
Hello all.. Having a similar issue.

I need someones feedback / knowledge if its possible to use the steering rack from a 98-2007 UZJ (part number 44250-60050) on a HDJ model (Part number 44250-60060).

Online part 60 ( FZJ & HDJ version) is stupidly expensive and hard to find. Locally is not any better (Almost $2k, the car is currently in Central America), so the best option is to buy online the UZJ part number 44250-60050 and have it shipped. Mine is a HDJ100L (Series 100, year 2000, 1HDT engine, 5MTM ).

As well... what is a reputable source for a remanufactured one?

Thx a mill.
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I am in ireland
May 28, 2014
What's wrong with your original rack?
You might be able to get it reconditioned or adjust it if it's a problem with play in the bar felt when pulling the wheel by hand
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