Subject 80 series fuel filler pipe.



Subject: Re: [ELCO] 80 series fuel filler pipe.
The original filler pipe has corroded and is leaking so I have a new one to fit but,
it's not proving to easy to get the old one out.How did you do it?


On 8/4/06, Phil Clayton <[Email address removed]> wrote:
I can't remember how the OEM metal pipe is fitted at the tank end, but
at the other end it's quite easy to remove the neck from the plastic
tray under the flap. Another thing that helps is removing the plastic
trim in the wheel arch.
Have you thought of cutting out the corroded bit and fitting a section
of rubber hose?
A dual tank filler neck was the reason why I had to replace the filler
pipe. Rather than struggling with the old metal one, I decided to cut
it out, only leaving a short section on the fuel tank side. I bought
from Pirtek a matching diameter oil rubber hose and fixed it with two
hose clips. After two years it is as good as on the day it was fitted.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80
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