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Feb 24, 2010
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Well I just paid my tax again and it's £245 for my 53 (1 Jan 2004) 120. Better than the £450 that was speculated but still £30 up on last year.
Leaves a bitter taste in your mouth...
May the fleas of a thousand camels infest their testicles.
I was gonna laugh but i just checked and the pre 2001 higher tax band has gone up to £205!!! that's £410 a year in road tax alone for me!!
Well I got mine on SORN for the past few months, as I am 'away'

So nice little not so nice surprise for me when I return.
I am in the bracket with you Crispin so I will be looking at £245 also.

I suppose we can be the lucky ones, I think it's 2006 that pay the hiked prices ?

I don't think I paid £245 but we do ours a bit earlier in the year so we get a delayed price rise :D At least you have a cruiser on the road for that, we pay the same road tax for Steph's Rav4 as we do for my 100 :(
Jon Wildsmith said:
we pay the same road tax for Steph's Rav4 as we do for my 100 :(

I'm confused? Your 100 cheaper with the gas now or the rav4 expensive? How much is the Rav4? I wife wants one as a new car (although, she did not baulk at the idea of taking a real LC :cool: )
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I haven't registered the LPG on the 100 with DVLA yet, too close to traveling to rely on them not messing up. Both the 100 and the Rav4 (both 2001) are band F so they're the same road tax rates even though the Rav 4 does twice as many miles to the gallon.
Ah ye poor things..........Just be thankful that you dont live in Ireland.

For Privatley owned Passenger vehicles .....
Older cars registered before July 2008 will continue to be have motor tax based on the size of their engine - the bigger the engine cc - the higher the tax.
Listed below are the car tax rates in Ireland as at Jan 2010 for cars registered prior to July 2008.
The amounts can be paid for 6 months or 3 months - but the rates are slightly higher than if you pay for a full 12 months.

Engine Size Annual Car Tax in € Euro
Not over 1,000 172
1,001 to 1,100 259
1,101 to 1,200 286
1,201 to 1,300 310
1,301 to 1,400 333
1,401 to 1,500 357
1,501 to 1,600 445
1,601 to 1,700 471
1,701 to 1,800 551
1,801 to 1,900 582
1,901 to 2,000 614
2,001 to 2,100 784
2,101 to 2,200 823
2,201 to 2,300 860
2,301 to 2,400 895
2,401 to 2,500 935
2,501 to 2,600 1120
2,601 to 2,700 1164
2,701 to 2,800 1204
2,801 to 2,900 1,248
2,901 to 3,000 1,293
3,001 or more 1,566

So thank your lucky stars.
Now you can see the appeal of the Commercial Vehicles in Ireland, which have only 2 seats, but a big load area, as I only pay €288 road tax.

For Vehicles registered since 2008 prices are .............
The rates of Irish Car Tax from January 2010 are shown below based on CO2 emissions

Band A: cars that produce 0-120g/km CO2 - €104 road tax;
Band B: cars that produce 121g - 140g/km CO2 - €156 road tax;
Band C: cars that produce 141g-155g/km CO2 - €302 road tax;
Band D: cars that produce 156g-170g/km CO2 - €447 road tax;
Band E: cars that produce 171g-190g/km CO2 - €630 road tax;
Band F: cars that produce 191g-225g/km CO2 - €1,050 road tax;
Band G: cars that produce 226g/km CO2 and over - €2,100 road tax
No wonder I saw so many commercial LCs when I was there.
"It's ok kids, you don't need windows in the back. I'll wall paper the inside so it looks tropical"

Having a breakdown per 100cc seems a bit anal as well.

Bloody extortion.
Fine I promise not to complain anymore :evil: