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[TECH] [ wheels] 80 [CHAT]



Hi Guys
I have as usual been looking at things I want if I had a bit of extra cash and just though I would share this with you. Have a look at the wheels on this site some really beautiful chrome ones , but again they will only deliver within the states.
Just for the crack and having some time on my hands I made a full scale model of a bull bar that I would like to fit to the cruiser, some thing different than others I have seen. Over here they all seem to be going with the stainless steel A bars which after a while all look the same. I went to a place just up the road from me that makes all sorts of stainlees steel things with my model. The guy looked at it praised me for the exact fit to the cruiser and then said that would cost me ? 1600 to make. I told him no way and ran.
I will ask the guy who made the barrier for me and see if he could make it out of sheet steel, and then maybe give up and move on to some thing else I would like but cant have.
John c
92 HDJ 80 1HD-T Ireland