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Thanks for the welcome Crispin. Afternoon all.

Steve Williams

New Member
Jan 14, 2024
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Thanks for the welcome Crispin. Afternoon all. Had my first Land Cruiser, a 1996 SWB Prado for a couple of weeks now. Although its great to drive, I'm already finding it too small and think I will change to a 4.2 80 series in a bit. Got a fair bit of reading up on the best one to go for yet though. In the meantime, as I only have one key and the locks are a bit dicky, I would like to change all the locks on this Prado so I end up with three new door locks, new ignition and two or three keys. Not only for my benefit but to not give the next owner the headache. Any advice, links or pointers would be much appreciated.
Thank you.