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The “rattle” hunt……

W.G. Bigelow

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Jan 26, 2023
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I have noticed a recent “rattle” that has developed after a new exhaust system install. It occurs sometimes when driving, going over bumps etc but it is not consistent. It is really noticeable when the engine is shut off. It is not the exhaust itself but somewhere internal inside the cabin. I have removed the rear carpeting behind the second row seats, also any loose equipment (bottle jack, tools, jumper cables etc..) I removed the inspection panels on the lower door (split rear doors). One of the latch operation arms for the lower door is quite loose but not sure if it’s the culprit. There is a speaker on the right rear panel at the back that I think has an amplifier of some sort mounted below it inside the panel. I haven’t had anyone stand outside at the back during engine shutdown.
Could it be a mounting bracket of some sort that is behind one of the rear panels?
Any and all ideas welcome.
The is heat shield over the exhaust just above the rear axle. Only 2 bolts are holding it, from and rear, maybe it vibrates on the floor bed just aft of the third row.
I was chasing weird noises from the back, squeaks and thuds. Turned out to be the spare wheel moving about inside the well. Tightened up the carrier winch thing tight AF and noises went away
Post a video if you can. Any number of things it could be.
Can the rattle be heard when rocking the truck side to side?
Maybe banging on the doors from the outside?
I had a similar thing with mine when a 3” exhaust was fitted, it would knock when switched off, it was just touching around the bell housing area.
Ok, I will post up a video next week, I am at work and away from the truck. I did just install a brand new 3” exhaust from Torquit and am really hoping it’s not that.
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No spare wheel down below, tires are 33” and won’t fit. Some of the clearances are tight but the pipe itself on all mounts is solid.
I found it. That rattle was coming from the last tail pipe section. The hanger bracket was touching the body. I readjusted the hanger by loosening the tail pipe section and once in place, I bolted everything back together. I have a feeling this new exhaust is going to be trial and error as clearances in several areas are a little tight.


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Hahaha, well, another smaller rattle has started up. Sectional exhaust systems no doubt require a bit of trial and error to adjust for rattle free operation. It is curious that it didn’t sound outside the Crusier, just on the interior. My son stood outside and couldn’t here anything on the outside when trying to find the last rattle. For those of you interested, the exhaust is from Torqit of Australia and is made from 304 stainless steel. Fitment was very straight forward and can easily be done by one person.
Just throwing this in, the rods that control the latches on the lower section of the tailgate can rattle when driving over rough ground, easy enough to adjust through a removable panel under the carpet.


Thanks Dave, yes, I agree. I don’t have any carpet on the lower rear door, I did remove the inspection panels and found one of the control rods to be loose but couldn’t figure out how to tighten it. I will dive back in there when I get a chance. The new exhaust has a small amount of clearance when going over the frame near the rear axle. Some adjust is needed and I may possibly have to remove that particular section and squeeze it a little for more clearance.
I made some shims using scrap metal (disregard the plastic pieces in the photo, they were not needed.) and mounted them on top of the rubber dampening assembly. The hanger rests on to top of the shims. There was not a lot of extra bolt for the mounting nuts to screw down on to but even if one (or both ) come off, the weight of the exhaust will still be pressing downwards via the hanger. I went for a test drive and after everything was good and warm, I shut down. NO rattle! In disbelief I drove back home not getting my hopes up but there wasn’t any rattle upon shutting down for the 2nd time in the garage. I remain hopeful. Not lucky just hopeful. So many projects still to go.


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