Three Wheels On My Wagon



Hi All,
As if I don't have enough problems at the moment, what with brakes playing
up (and not being able to go to Brick Kiln Farm today) last week-end I
backed into a tree and bent my rear bumper/wheel carrier so I thought I'd
take a ride up to the airfield, not far from me, where I used to go gliding
thinking I could use their winch to straighten it. When I got there I saw a
gigantic puddle so I just had to thrash through it, my wife thought it was
fun (I'll convert her to off-roading yet) but I think I may have done some
serious damage because on the way home there were ominous noises coming from
below and the smell of boiling grease, stopping but not being able at first
to see any problem I continued on my way until smoke started pouring from
the nearside wheel and I then saw the problem, I think, front wheel bearings
gone, by this time I was less than a mile from my house so I continued very
slowly. I made it home but turning onto my drive the front wheel literally
fell off, if I had lived next door I would not have made it. I can't quite
see though how thrashing through the water would have had such an effect so


Hi Chas,
Sorry to hear about your woes and I am surprise that the wheel just fell off.
The wheel bearing nuts would have had to undo and it would have had to pull
out the CV and driveshaft as well unless you also lost the circlip on the end
of it.
have you had the chance to inspect it in any more detail?
Julian Voelcker
Mobile: 07971 540362
Skype: julianvoelcker
Cirencester, United Kingdom
1994 HDJ80, 2.5" OME Lift


Hopefully we will have it up on the ramp tomorrow, I'll let you know later.
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