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Tow Ropes + meet



Your very good information has been noted.
Your idea about having a meet is also very good - I would come as I'm
becoming very eager about things for L'Beast again, after being lapsed
for the last couple of years
>>> [Email address removed] 01/07/05 05:42pm >>>
Hello Renate,
Recovery points: I can't remember what 80 series are originally
equiped with but most likely with nothing more useful beyond lashing
Having appropriate recovery points is more important than the rest of
the stuff. Shackles and straps can be borrowed, a recovery point can't
be improvised (so you end up with ropes attached to axles - don't
even consider using plastic bumpers or bullbars!)
It's best to buy certified shackles (4.75T will do) from any lifting
tackle supplier. They can also supply all the other recovery gear. As
a rule of thumb, 4.5 - 5 ton SWL is good enough.
As for general safety measures during recovery, perhaps it'd be a good
idea to have a meet one weekend for all interested club members to
have a demonstration by those who have done it and survived unscathed.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80
On Fri, 07 Jan 2005 15:22:58 +0000, Renate Haupt
<[Email address removed]> wrote:
> Guys
> Something I need to get also - some decent 'D' shackles! and yes, I
> the 'front recovery eyes' - isn't there a better name for these?
> sorry - I'm rambling
> Well, it is a Friday and my job is mind stupefyingly boring in the
> Seriously, I was looking up info about the 'D' shackles, but I'm
undecided -
> anybody have a real idea about their strengths/weaknesses? I'm
> quite heavy ones, but having said that, I'm not prepared to take a
> fully-loaded beast to North Africa again - a right hassle at
> shouldn't need them to tow my OWN beast out of the sand, more likely
to tow
> a less unfortunate Nissan or something - the last one I had the
pleasure of
> meeting with was at least 20 or more years old - hadn't been
> after so was pretty much falling apart at the seams - cheap guides
have even
> cheaper vehicles.
> Seriously guys, I need to check out some specs on sizes and weight
specs - I
> checked with a 4x4 garage in the midlands, but I'm sure there are
loads of
> other places to look too.
> Renate