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transmission mounts


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Apr 16, 2010
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In my search to resolve vibes in my LC90 around 55mph
I have looked at the transmission mount that the transfer box sits one,

the mount has two rubber blocks, either side of a bolt.
the bottom of one of these rubber blocks doesn't appear to be bonded to the metal plate below it,
I am going to jack up the tranmission slightly at the weekend to see if it lifts,
and also try getting someone else to engage gear whilst brakes are on and wheels chocked, to see if it moves.

has anyone else ever noticed these blocks not appearing to be stuck to the metal?
wonder if it can cause shakes (but only when front and rear props attached to vehicle) goes with front prop removed.

I replaced my bent cross-member and cleaned-up the rubber mounting. Naturally I don't have any photos that show exactly what I'm talking about :oops:

The mounting is held to the cross-member by four bolts that screw in from below. This is my bent cross-member but you get the drift.


Then, there is a large central bolt that bears down on the bracket that carries the transfer box - this can compress the rubber mountings. Again, not a great picture but you can see that there are two steel plates separated by bonded rubber mountings.


It also deforms the carrier bracket and I assumed that this is a form of adjustment to make sure that there is no undue stress on the Transfer Box casing when its four mounting bolts are attached.

I screwed the central bolt down until the carrier bracket exactly fitted the transfer box and the four Transfer Box bolts could be installed without any stress.


My rubber mountings were bonded top and bottom, but that central bolt must take quite a lot of the load off the rubber. In effect, it allows the mounting to rock but not lift.

Jacking the Transfer Box may not produce a gap - its only when the Engine/Gearbox/Transfer Box are rolled to the side that any failure in the bonding will be apparent.

You might be able to adjust-out the slack by tightening-down the central bolt.

I'm interested to see how this progresses as its all supposition on my part :?

ta Bob

I was out a short while ago and used bottle jack to jackup the rear end of the transfer box (lowest point)
and was able to jack it up vertically in between 5-10mm and one of rubber blocks lifted off the lower metal plate immediately, so was already unbonded, but stayed stuck to the upper mounting.

i will see if it moves when gear engaged, but vehicle held still by brakes & chocks tomorrow.

that cross member on your LC has taken a serious blow!

Is the centre bolt in place ??

I don't see how you can get 10mm lift with it there :?

That cross-member is long gone (probably to China :roll: ), I have nice new clean straight cross-members thanks to Ian Rubie :clap:

yes there is a centre bolt
i will have another look tomorrow and take a photo with a ruler as scale. and check if i can tighten centre bolt.

good to hear you have replaced that dented cross-member