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turbo safeguard



JB wrote...
I was looking for an e-mail that I got off some body with referance to a
JB - Clive is right, I wrote about it. Due to your innate Irish charm and
the fact that you are also a member of the greyhairs amnesiac club (welcome
new member) , I have now gone though my mags for you and found an example,
so go to -
Where I think you will find it called 'turbo gard' or similar.
By the way, as you are now obviously a Toyota man through and through,
even if only by financial commitment, I strongly advise you to regularly
contribute to Land Rover Owner International, or at least LR owner. It may
be full of the brand we are not keen on, but the accessory suppliers are
more than numerous and sell their wares to all. A good reference point for
us all.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia -
turbo safeguard,reply and humour

Hi Jon
Thanks for the continued interested in people like me who know shag all and
are a pain in the arse at times but hay thats life, some people know whats
what and others dont but will in time so give me this time.
I was thinking of just getting a permanent addition to my e-mails to this
forum saying THANK YOU because thats all I seem to be doing all the time. I
never thought that knowing stuff about cruisers could be so interesting, its
like an addiction that is only helped by more cruiser stuff
Now dont laught at least not on post but what do you call the thing that you
slide under you vehicle on to do jobs. I was thinking of being really brave
and actually having a look at the underside of the cruiser, venturing where
no JB has gone before from one end to the great uncharted unknown , which is
usually called the other end of the cruiser. But I cant find what that thing
is called. I thiught it was called a trolly but found none on a search.
unless a shopping trolly buy thought this would be too shiny and the wife
was not willing to push it home from Tesco. I would really like to
investigate the cruiser more but find it a pain (literally) in my back and
have to give up. So I am getting all this knowledge and must be content to
view it through photos.
Brendan hope I caught you in time before you go on holidays to Ireland to
wish you the very best. Sorry about spellings but has one.
John c
92 HDJ 80 1HD-T Ireland
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