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UK landcruiser with Geelong gearbox and engine remap

Yup, definitely interested. The kit has been working well - does what it says on the box, at 50mph and above the torque converter locks and it eliminates the chasing you'd have otherwise. It makes shifts at speed a lot more positive as well. That said, it doesn't solve the issue of the shift patterns which is what I'm keen to get sorted - it just waits too long before shifting up - I need to get it above 60mph for it to engage in 6th and then you have to be mindful of it any time you decide to move the needle from that point. My other cars are in 6th before 40mph...granted they have 8 gears :)
In Project 200, he mentions doing both ECU and torque conversion lock up kit.
It's the only way I can tell I'm going uphill is when it changes down several gears. If I happen to be overtaking something at the time, I tend to get a look from the other driver suggesting I'm an impatient knob. It makes Messr's Shell and BP etc happy though so I'm doing my bit for the economy if not the planet.

TPMS was an optional extra, certainly on my 2012 one.
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yeah, I saw that - I tried reaching out to them but got crickets. My understanding is that I'd have to send them my ECU - which would be a bit of a pain I reckon :)
Does anyone know if the ECU's are freely interchangeable? If they are, I might send them mine while running a standard one but I know on my other cars you'd have to code them in and sometimes even get component protection sorted - if that's the case it's too much hassle :)
Found this video about 200 series gear hunting character. Very technical for me.