Vibration through steering wheel


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I am in australia
Sep 17, 2019
I have a diesel 2018 LC200 Sahara with less than 10000km on it.
I am getting a vibration under load between 1200-1400 rpm and again at around 1900 rpm in any gear.
I believe this was there when I purchased the car but thought it may be normal.
I was also under the new car spell.
Now I have fitted a armax snorkel and this has amplified the noise and made the vibration more noticeable.
Has any one else experienced this with their car and resolved the problem?
Let me know your thoughts.


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I am in australia
Feb 8, 2020
Just joined and new at this but recommended to ask the following.
Have you had a resolve of your vibration problem.
Has any one else had it.
Have they had it fixed.
I have 10/2019 2000 kl
Reported this vibration at 1000 kl service
Told it was not their after service.
Told them to keep it asit was their and to cut the crap.
They then got senior advisor to look at he said he thought toyota had fixed this problem.
But it had been raised on several occasions by others it was more noticable because of the silly wooden part of the steering wheel and it was only with sahara model.
He had me re book it in for further investergations.
Changed tyre pressure to recommended presure.
Adknowledged that the Vibration was their as on others.
Gave me this in writing on the RO it was a harmonic balance driven vibration
that this was acceptable.
He stated he would report this to toyota.
Toyota or dealer did not respond by late dec.
After two calls to dealer and two to toyota melbourne
they have toyota rep coming 18th feb to inspect problem.
I await this appointment result.
I rang 3 different toyota service centres to ask if they had had this complaint.
1 yes they all have this no fix sorry.
2 never have heard of problem.
3 yes fixed it by turning front tail shaft around and offered to do this.

Any comments that may help me and toyota rep would be appreciated


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Nov 14, 2018
I have a similar problem. Told that it was normal but our fleet of 6 identical toyota's do not suffer this vibration.

I used spectro graph on my phone and seem to get peaks at 61Hz and 123Hz which i guess relates to harmonics at 1800RPM.

I have considered taking to a dynatune type place but need to disconnect a tail shaft. Thinking that may confuse the traction control and effectively deviates from an ideal experiment/test.

Anyone had success finding the source of the vibration.

This what I sent them before the last service ... read on if interested

Dear Toyota Servicing Department,

My workplace has been spoilt with a fleet of six 200 Series Cruisers.

The comfort and performance both on and off road was so good that one day last year I decided I just had to have one of these for my personal commute.

Sadly since day one there has been an annoying vibration that I hope together we can diagnose and eliminate as it has had a huge impact and detracts from our driving pleasure. This vibration is somewhat subtle and suspect it will be a challenge but is not observed in any of the work fleet so hopeful it can be fixed.

Also hopefull that your service department has dealt with this previously but suspect this will not be the case.

I will attempt to describe as best as possible in detail in the hope that it may prove useful.

1. The vibration is sensed thru the floorboard and steering wheel and feels like a buzzing. Passengers tend not to notice.

2. It appears to be most evident at around 1800 rpm when in 4th. (I am guessing 4th based soley on the taco)

3. It is still evident in 5th and 6th just less so.

4. It has to be under load or cruising. i.e not present when backing off the accelerator.

5. When cruising it sometimes seems to fade in and out in concert with passing over wave like undulations in the road. The amplitude of the vibrations follow these undulations somewhat. Imagine as you just pass over a mild valley in the road and the suspession is compressing it is most evident and fades away as the suspession begins to expand again.

6. It is present when powering off from start but less noticable to the casual driver as the roar of the engine tends to mask the effect.

7. I expected towing to exacerbate the vibration but does not seem to have an impact.

8. I noticed the plastic cover on the intercooler to severly resonate at certain engine speeds and hoped this was the cause (it definately appeared to be the smoking gun) but after measures to inhibit the resonance had no impact.

9. Cruising at speed then placing neutral eliminates the vibration.

10. The frequency (in hertz) of the vibration does not seem to change with speed or load only the amplitude appears to vary.

11. It occurred to me that I was the only person it bothered until I discovered it also annoys my wife.

12. This is subtle so any service tech attempting to detect the vibration will need to be prepared to undertake a decent test drive.
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