Vibrations - 70 series



This is something that I'm having looked at on Monday (da defected toyo man
in N Bristol) since the recent emails about vibrations have been playing on
my mind a little.
He's going to have a look, and at the same time I think I might have the V
belts done as they are due for replacing
Am concerned about the UJS too, something Gareth said to me a while back.
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My 70 series used to vibrate if I exceed 45-50mph. Yesterday with a mate of
mine's help I checked the propshafts and we foundout the UJs(front/rear) on
the rear propshaft had completely gone. Changed the UJs this afternoon and
it sorted the problem. No more horrible vibrations. Now it feels like
driving a Rolls Royce :)
1990 LJ70 2.4 TD with Kumho MT tyres
V8 Classic Rangie with Recip trial tyres (I would recommend these tyres)
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