Was - introduction and request for help - now future forum formats



Hi Julian,
Does that mean that in future, you will still be able to receive postings in
the existing format and not have to log onto a website to read?
I prefer how it is now, as I know I just wouldn't take the time to read all
the discussion were it web based. Right now, it lands in an ELCO folder and
I read the posts, no effort, no problem.
Best regards,
Neill Watson
On 7/9/06 3:01 pm, "Julian Voelcker" wrote:


Hi Neill,
The plan is that you should be able to do either one or the other or both - it
will be up to you.
Like you I much prefer to deal with mailing lists, where as a lot of the
'technically challenged' prefer web based forums.
Most of the core system has been written and I'm trialing it with some clients
next week. In a couple of weeks time I'll set up a test area with a view to
getting one or two from here to do some testing before rolling it out to
Julian Voelcker
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Cirencester, United Kingdom
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