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Which winch?

Yeah goo-ey arms are the only negative, though if you're stuck in a bog you'll be covered in goo up to your waist pulling the line out of a normal winch, so six of one, half dozen of the other in my book.

I just like the fact it's entirely mechanical, there's nothing to go wrong, and the more the vehicle spins its wheels the more it winches itself out. I also like the fact there isn't 40kg of dead weight hanging around off the far end of the front bumper all the time (and also nothing to get rusted up and cease working out in the elements) and it can be stored with your recovery equipment in the tool box when needed.

The same design has been used by the military for decades as it's the most reliable way of winching, it's just now it's commercially available.

If you have a problem and no one else can help because your stuck in the ass end of nowhere wrapping a strap or rope around the wheel works in the same way , it doesn't have to be tidy as long as the rope overlaps and so pulls tight on itself .
Anyone who ever heard of a drum end riding turn will know what im talking about .
I’ve got 2 isolators, a standard heavy duty one wired direct on the bumper, then a switch on the dash wires through a relay in case I need to emergency stop from the drivers seat when winching. If I’m out of the vehicle I carry a very sharp knife so I can cut the rope in an emergency (another advantage of rope over wire!!)