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Whoo Hoo!


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Apr 10, 2014
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Hi All,

Thanks to Crispin I am officially a vendor! I truly appreciate the warm welcome from everyone!

Short course:

I have been doing Cruisers and Rovers for 25 years.....:angry-screaming:

I lived in South America and drove my Series trucks all over hell and back. When I moved back to the US I got into Cruisers and it just sort of grew. I opened the doors officially in 2001 but I had been doing "side work" on Cruisers for a few years prior to that.

The business has had its ups and downs but we are still here and going strong. Right now we have a 20,000 sq ft shop that is jammed full of stuff.

I got back into Rovers a bit about 5 years ago and suddenly I am shipping out of the UK weekly with around a container a month of crappy rover parts being carted off :)

I opened our web store about a year ago to mainly sell new Rover stuff but that has branched off into a full range of expedition and cruiser related items. Right now I have a ton of used Cruiser stuff on the web site but it is only a fraction of what I have in the dark recesses of the shop.

I really don't know what is needed in the Uk but I am happy to try and fill orders. Let me know via e mail or PM here.

We can ship air or sea. Sea is MUCH cheaper and takes 3-4 weeks. We will be shipping at least every two weeks; more if needed. The cost of shipping will be very reasonable. We can do air but to save money we really need to hit 100 kilos or more per shipment. We can combine shipments form a few different folks to make that happen.

We can accept payment via credit cards or pay-pal. Within a few months we will be able to wire funds into our Nat West account (at least I hope so). It is not active yet but we will have a UK based number to call us on to save £££ money if you need to chat about an item.

We will be a registered UK company very soon with a VAT number and all. Until then I will not charge VAT but things will be marked up as I must pay VAT on import.

My goal is to have a final price shipped to you with VAT, duties, shipping, UK carriage all included. You pay the advertised price then it appears on your doorstep by magic with no VAT man hounding you for the fees!

Please visit our web site and store
Hi Dave
i am going to be selling my land rover 90 soon would something like that be off interest to you ? Its a 1990 200 tdi with rollcage and 2" lift 24 spline axles rear discs Body is pretty beat up though.