women......The car won't start


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I am in scotland
Apr 16, 2010
Old Rayne, Aberdeenshire
phone call from wife this afternoon "the car won't start"

after a minute of conversation I estabilished the engine was cranking over, but not firing.
Then - "ive just filled it with fuel" (she has filled it with petrol me thinks...)
"i did fill it with diesel after she checks receipt"

So its full of fuel, she has driven 1/2 mile since filling up, went to a shop and came back and it wouldnt start.
So after another couple minutes, thinking of ideas and suggesting she calls the AA, she says:
"oh the key fell apart earlier.....then a bit fell out"

:idea: immobiliser!
she said it fell apart just after getting fuel, and she stopped somewhere and started engine ok then.
so i tell her too look outside vehicle, on pavement to shop and in shop she went to - not there

so i tell her i will come home on train, collect spare key from home and drive out to meet her...

then she finds "a bit" under the seat of the car.

So i tell her to fit it in key, and try starting - bingo the engine fires :mrgreen:

women :roll: why did she tell me the key had fallen apart at the start!!!! then i would have sussed the problem then and there........
"i didnt think the key would have been anything to do with it, so didnt mention it" she says.....

Ecky Thump

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Mar 4, 2010
Reigate, Surrey
Well done detective Cook :lol:

My missus phoned me one day and said the rings on the cooker won't work.
Loads of faffing about to find out she hadn't opened the lid all the way :roll:
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