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Morning All,
Well what a day it was yesterday!
Thanks to all of you that came along and also for Paul for organising
the meeting points etc (and for the loan of the GPS).
This was my first trip to the plain and I have to say it really is a
fun playground with gentle drives for those that want it and then deep
(very) mud for those that want to get stuck (note to self - engage
lockers before entering deep mud, not when stuck :cool:))
[Note to everyone - don't go onto the plain with a hangover - bouncing
around the tracks doesn't help]
It was also great to finally put faces to the many names.
At some point I will be sorting out an image gallery for the site so if
you managed to take any photos or video, please email them through to
me at [Email address removed] and I will store them until I can get
them on the site.
I have attached a group photo for you and also a photo to prove that we
did find some mud!!
The group photo shows (as far as I can remember) from left to right:
Christopher Bell, Phil (friend of Dave Harris'), Lawrence (Paul Mill's
navigator), Gareth Jones, Dave Harris, Roman Gozdzikowski, Paul Mills,
Cuthy (friend of Dave Harris'), Rob Edwards, Renate Haupt, Rob's son,
Jason Marks, Glenys Marks, Clive Marks, Dennis Lamminga, Craig (my
navigator) and Marinus Van Deventer.
Note to Jon in Bosnia - we bumped into the Pajero club and sent your
regards. I think they got clobbered by the police for being in the
wrong areas and we issued with summonses - I would be interested to
know what happened in the end.
Julian Voelcker
Mobile: 07971 540362
Cirencester, United Kingdom
1994 HDJ80, 2.5" OME Lift, ARB
[Attachment FILE://"P:LandCruiserSalisbury Plain 05122004Hey guys, I found some mud.jpg" sent]
[Attachment FILE://"P:LandCruiserSalisbury Plain 05122004Salisbury Plain Group Photo.jpg" sent]