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Yorkshire Dales weekend


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Jan 8, 2013
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Just spent the weekend laning in the Dales with a few friends. The trip has been planned for a while now. Everyone travelled up on Friday in the rain, from London, Birmingham and south Wales. I joined them after finishing work.

We had a very wet start and tents got pitched in the rain, opted for a pub meal to dry off and have a chat.

Sat morning all dry and sun shining so we set out on the lanes...
First lane just 4 miles from the campsite


80 leading the way with a pair of landies and a jeep bringing up the rear

Through to stalling busk and down the Ford.


After a couple of hours and some long rocky lanes we stopped for a short break, these guys aren't used to lanes this long and rocky so were feeling it a bit.

Continued along the lanes, now getting more rocky





We Did a few more lanes and dropped back down the valley into Hawes for a lunch stop, the wives met up with us all at the wensleydale creamery at the arranged time, we were pretty much there at the time I said (local knowledge pays off) spent about an hour and a half there, everyone stocked up on cheese, local beers and ate ice creams. It's their holidays so wanted to show them some tourist stuff.

I spent a bit of time re plotting the afternoons route as had an email from the row officer and a couple of lanes were confirmed as open.

Back to the lanes and past 'the water cut'


The farmer was sat chilling enjoying his views.


Tinted screen adds a nice colour to the sky

There's that shiny 80 rearing its head

Back to camp after just over 10 hours on the lanes, site is a bit of a slope so cooking on my fold down table was a no go, adapt and over come.

One of the guys forgot the stove and cool box!! They were in his daughters car as his frontera is unwell and were rushing. They just chucked some stuff in my fridge and my set up was their set up.

Day 2 was a bit more chilled, later start and only 4 to 5 hours planned.

In the distance is the lane we'll be driving up and over the top, high fremington and it's a steep rocky lane.
The track to get to it is erm tight (I hope someone got a photo tbh) the 80 has about 1/4 inch either side of stone walls at times!!! It's not a lane I can do solo as need a spotter for the walls!!!

Well before we got that far :lol:
We had some electrical issues to find and fix.


This is near the top, pic doesn't do it justice at all, one of the lads got some pics of us coming up so I'll wait for them, it's steep, tight and rocky. Not one for wet weather. 80 walked up it and there was a bit of wheel so I from the disco.

We dropped down to a few more small lanes which I didn't get any pics tbh, lots of single track roads. Tight and twisty with steep climbs, the rangie was over heating so had to drop into low box and drop speed, the disco had some more electrical issues too.

We dropped onto the last lane which is the first lane from sat but in reverse. It's the only lane we drove twice.

Over the 2 days we covered around 150 miles with a lot of that on lanes.
The 80 and the jeep didn't miss a beat, the jeep did get stuck though :lol:

The guys haven't been to the Dales before and are already talking about the next trip.
Looks like a great time was had by all there Gary:thumbup: I was reminiscing only the other day about the whole green laning thing, ( I’m thinking predominantly 2 wheel laning here), comparing how it is now back to how it was in the 1980’s. Can’t really speak for the Dales area but many lanes in the Peak District are now out of bounds and many that are left have been sanitised to the point that they’re little more than gravel tracks. No doubt there’ll be lots of nimbys out today so I’m going out on the bike this afternoon to give them a wave.
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Unfortunately there's a lot of lanes that have been closed or re classified, the odd one has been graded up that way but the best ones just get quarry stone dropped on them, keeps them interesting.
It was good to see some have been repaired this weekend tbh, the others were shocked the repaired tracks were still very rocky.

Some are less known and out of the way so see less traffic, it's why we did about 100 miles on the first day, had to take them on those hidden gems.
lovely looking run out there Gary, your 80 looks so proud against the “others”...

I take it you’re friends again? :think:
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Well as the 80 behaved it's had a wash to get rid of the muck and dust

Blast of cherry snow foam

Rinse off, then a wash with cherry shampoo. It does need a polish as the paint is feeling rough


Came up ok. Quick damage check, new scratches front to rear and every wheel arch has picked up some scrapes, tight gates and the track up to high Fremington with 'that' wall lol.
Got a few pics from one of the lads..

The track with the walls! It's a tad tight and scratchy

Driving up into the lane after it's tight entry

Then climb to the sky, there's a couple of blind corners so slow and steady.

Nice rocky climb

View from the rangie
ouch I was afraid you would say that.might look at a set in 33's. the potholes are getting bigger where Ilive but don't fancy messing the gearing up too much.
ouch I was afraid you would say that.might look at a set in 33's. the potholes are getting bigger where Ilive but don't fancy messing the gearing up too much.

They don't have much effect on the gearing tbh, long steep hills is where it's noticeable. I just drive it like a manual at that point and use all the rev range. If touch the rev limiter in 2nd just pop it back in D (it's motoring on by then though)

I'll have to look at organising a laning day round that way if anyone is interested? Could put something together using a lot of those lanes.
AH but I have the luxury of 5 gears and don't need the oversize tyres for an overdrive!