your recommendations wanted for LJ70 electronics

Kileni Aug 13, 2017

  1. Kileni

    Kileni New Member

    Hi, I bought a 1986 LJ70 that was in pretty bad shape. We've almost got the body work and paint job done, so now I need to buy whatever electronics will be needed.

    Please help on the following items AND WHATEVER YOU RECOMMEND!
    • a stereo - What size will fit? I'd like one that has a screen that can connect to a backup camera, and that I can connect my iPhone to to listen to music. It doesn't need to be able to play CDs or DVDs.
    • speakers - It's my understanding 4" speakers go in the dash (with some difficulty). What else would you recommend? I'll probably install aluminum diamond plate to replace the old panels, so I guess that gives some flexibility in the back. I'm not huge on music but am a guy who likes quality.
    • backup camera?
    • other?
    Thank you, sincerely!
  2. rob rule

    rob rule Member

    wrt Sound systems
    Ol Man 'yota never really considered sound systems to be too high on the priority list on the 70 series....the placement of two speakers in the dash, nice and high, meaning less damage from high-level water excursions.
    the newer 76 has additional speakers mounted in the rear, behind the rear seats - above the wheel arches. All good 'n well until you want to install a shelving/packing system.
    Depend on what you want to achieve....
  3. Ako

    Ako Member I am in australia

    I have a single DIN head unit with USB input. Still have the small storage compartment above the head unit.

    The wiring to my standard 4" speakers is buggered, so on the list of things to do. You can fit a decent sized speaker in the rear door, easy enough to remove the door card for access. Another item on my list of things to do.

    If you are adamant you want the screen you would either need a pop out tilt and turn type, or remove the cubby hole.

    If you want a project you could get the parts for a Nav system surround from a current model 70 and add whatever you want in the hole.

  4. doyle61

    doyle61 Member I am in ireland

    When I get to the stereo stage of my lj70 project i was thinking screen aswell. I stillhave to measure but taking out the storage pocket under the stereo should allow a double din. A pop out screen I think will end up interfering with the gague pod on the dash so I think I'll try stay away from that. I'm going to put an amp and speakers into mine but it'll all be hidden in the back. For any extra switches I'm going to use the same idea (username) oding used on his 60 series project and I'm going to redo the pod on the dash
  5. rob rule

    rob rule Member

    What about the idea of using a small tablet/palmtop semi/permanently fixed which can be utilized for GPS/Mapping, Music, Rear-view camera and so on. Would be large enough to not need reading glasses (yes, yes not now!) somewhat decent battery life when not directly powered. Plus (with a decent holder) could be removable when parking in dodgy areas....
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