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  1. Brecht

    Audio upgrade?

    I was wondering, did anyone ever bothered with replacing/upgrading the speakers in the car. Would it be worth it or waste of time? I guess it would make a difference after +21 years. Let me know if you have/haven't!
  2. C

    Universal joint size for tail shaft vx80 1990

    Hi guys following up from my old post on the vibration issue .. I brought new ujs for both my tail and prop shafts 2 joints were had it .. my prop shaft ones were easy brought 2 29x49mm ones went fine The tail shaft all I could find advitised for 80 series were 32mm caps 64 yoke .. there were...
  3. C

    Help needed ASAP 80series low pitch vibration under load

    Hi Team I have a vx80 1990 4.2 manual I towed my boat off the beach the other day with the centre diff lock engaged now it has a low humming vibration under load mainly around 90 kph if you hold the throttle stable on it is a noticeable low tone vibration but doesn’t sound like it’s comeing...
  4. K

    80 series clutch released clunk

    Hey guys, new here first post I went to look at purchasing an 80 series today and everything else is in perfect condition except for this one noise that happens in neutral. When the clutch is released in neutral there's a clunk noise that seems to come from around the transfer case, it happens...
  5. S

    69 FJ40. SOLD

    I've got a 1969 FJ40 for sale. All original, 6 Cylinder gas engine with 68k on it. 4 speed manual transmission, front locking hubs and original interior. The frame has no rot or cracks, the body has some rust spots, it has been sitting for quite some time. It runs but not perfect, it has a...
  6. W

    LJ70-71 Landcruiser Prado Suspension

    have a 1991 lj71 prado with the 2lt turbo diesel engine, want to do a 2-3 inch lift. just want abit of guidance, has anyone else done a lift on one of these and what works best?
  7. Safamark

    4.11 and 4.10 Ring and Pinion Ratio

    Hi all, In my haste I’ve bought a 4.11 ‘US Standard’ ring gear and pinion. I was after a ‘Nitro’ 4.10 setup but the suppliers were all out of stock untill at least July 2022, so I just had to buy the closest ratio I could get. Is there any reason why this won’t work ? I’ve read somewhere...
  8. M

    Looking to Buy a Land Cruiser 100 Series 2003+ Automatic! Anyone selling!!

    Dear Members, I'm looking to buy a landcruiser 100 series, automatic. I prefer 2003, and I want wish for it to be below the 200k mark in terms of mileage. I am based in Kent, Medway, I am happy to travel to pick it up, however, I prefer if it's closer! I am no expert in 4x4's, nor am I a...
  9. AmirAndAzadeh

    78 Troopy to buy-LC70_3door-Import to New Zealand

    Greeting from New Zealand, Im looking to source a 78 series (Right Hand Drive) to import to New Zealand and build it up for world overlanding, Do you guys know a reputable exporter/dealer or reseller to be able to trust them from overseas and source the vehicle to suggest me pls? The vehicle...
  10. W

    75 Series Landcruiser Wipers not working

    Just bought my 75 1992 model, wipers haven’t been working at all, replaced the fuse and as soon as I turned ignition it popped, this is happening repeatedly as I fit a new fuse, I ended up pulling the wiper motor plug off and giving it a good blow, water came out after my wash, then turned...
  11. W

    What size wheels look best on 75 series?

    Just bought a 1992 75 series and was keen on buying some 33” tyres (285) with some new Mickey Thompson chrome mags, but having thoughts of going bigger, I want a size that fills the void and is very proportionate without looking like I’m trying to make a monster truck Any suggestions???
  12. RL12

    LJ70 Gearbox crossmember

    Hello all, I do offroad winch challenges and am looking for a new LJ70 gearbox crossmember so it's not as low. Couldn't see any off the shelf parts so will be designing & making it myself. To get the correct height does anyone know if the crossmember is supposed to be flat underneath? mine...
  13. jef

    Looking for a good offset for a new set of rims

    I'm currently looking to upgrade from 285 75 r16 to 315 75 r16 mud terrains but looking for a good set of rims, my current rims are a bit to wide, have only 4 of them and the dimensions are a bit unknown. A wild guess is 16x10 et-? around 30 I think. Is 16x8 et-25 a good choice? I want the...
  14. Joe Wong

    Original Land cruiser Navi Monitor

    Original Land cruiser Navi Monitor, Arabic and English Language Support 17 - 19 LC 200 Write to me if you are interested [email protected]
  15. Màtty


    Hello all, I've just bought a VX Colorado 3.4 petrol I noticed the rear arch had a little hole.. I've taken the carpet away and found a big problem both wheel arches are done for. I'm based in crewe and I'm looking for either replacement metal arches to weld in or someone scrapping a body...
  16. AdamFromAU

    Wanting to start an FJ40 Restoration project... Should I? Tips and Hints?

    Hey all, I've always wanted to get an FJ40, 2 dr Hardtop in the Camel Tan/Beige. It's been my dream car since i saw one at a 4x4 event when i was young. However, the fully restored ones are out of my price range as i'm only 19. Am i naive to be wanting to start a project like this? What can i...
  17. Traumallama

    Canadian, First Toyota, and it’s an LJ78

    Hello!, Greg Beatty here, totally New to the wild world of both diesels and Toyota’s, especially RHD, but I’m the kind to jump in with both feet! A few days ago I purchased a 91 RHD 2.4L lj78. Prado SX5 ? Only mod I was told about was the previous owner had a 3L valve cover on “for better...
  18. Mr_Red

    A deranged obsession

    I have always wanted to get out and see the world, but my interest in overlanding using my own vehicle was really sparked by joining my brother for the last leg of his road-trip from Wales to Kyrgyzstan back in summer 2017. Granted I only joined for 2 weeks, I have never felt so free as we...
  19. Mr_Red

    Wanted: Overlanding equipment & misc bits

    Hi folks, I'm preparing my Landcruiser 105 series for a long term overlanding expedition (thread to follow on this a bit later) and am currently decking out the interior. If anyone can help me source the following preferably second-hand equipment, please let me know. Overlanding equipment...
  20. M

    Hi from England

    Hello chaps, I'm single mum of 3 kids and two dogs n a cat! being an NHS, I don't earn enough to have a luxury of buying new cars but I want a safe reliable car for my mum family especially my lives in inverness. My friend from work told me that yota land cruiser is the car for my budget of...
  21. TravelToy

    Troopy build : Webasto / Eberspacher, looking for install tips

    We're starting the Troopy build and one of the must-haves is a Webasto/Eberspacher heater in the back of the truck. I found a good spot to mount it (near the left hand rear door) so we can get good air supply (the stock rear air vent). However, I'm struggling to find a good way to deal with the...
  22. Mr_Red

    For sale: 80 Series

    Hi folks, I am selling my RHD 80 series Landcruiser for £5300 for the rather embarrassing reason that I am planning to overland across the Americas (thread to follow at some point) and RHDs are banned in some of the countries I want to drive through. Unfortunately I didn't stumble across this...
  23. TravelToy

    HZJ-78 Pre-heat light and oil level light stay on

    As mentioned in the title, the pre-heat and the oil level light stay on. 1. Pre-heat light When I turn the key half way the ignition, the pre-heat light comes on and goes out after a few seconds. This is pretty normal behavior I think. But then, once the engine is started, after a few seconds...
  24. GH010893 1 - YouTube

    GH010893 1 - YouTube

    Landcruiser Hdj 100 Restaurering. 1998 modell
  25. Gandalf

    Innovative ways to use a pick up truck?

    I need your help! I'm doing a research assignment for my university looking at innovative and ingenious ways in which pick up trucks can be used other than for transport. So for example in Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico last year some people used their cars to power houses and appliances during...
  26. Kileni

    your recommendations wanted for LJ70 electronics

    Hi, I bought a 1986 LJ70 that was in pretty bad shape. We've almost got the body work and paint job done, so now I need to buy whatever electronics will be needed. Please help on the following items AND WHATEVER YOU RECOMMEND! a stereo - What size will fit? I'd like one that has a screen that...
  27. B


    Finally owned a Land cruiser (2006 LC-5). Bought it to tow my caravan, as my other vehicle (Hyundai Santa Fe) isn't quite up to it. Used to own Isuzu Troopers, cant get them anymore, can't stand Land Rovers. As the saying goes: "If you want to go into the desert, take a Land Rover, but if you...
  28. richiefromboston

    Thanks for having me.

    Im RichieFromBoston. And this is my rig. I love overlanding and cant get enough of tight spaces and large obstacles. We are all living in a steadily dying country with an egomanical govt. so get out whilst you still can.
  29. Extreme Landcruiser

    In appreciation of Land Cruiser Club, and the Unexpected...

    I just wanted to stop by here and say a mention of gratitude for your site. I understand that birthday notifications in your inbox are most likely parts of the automated site that get sent out based on your profile settings. But this is where it gets personal, on December 11th, 2016 I lost my...
  30. Justin.t

    Automatic Hubs wont Lock.

    Hey, I have a 93 Diesel HzJ73 landcruiser with auto locking hubs. The problem I am having is the hubs wont lock. I have put a volt meter to the connection and it gets 20 volts when the hub lock button is pressed (though it seems they should get 24)? It seems this is a common problem, any simple...
  31. M

    Hot and steamy cruiser - A/C MacIver repair (advice) 105 series

    Hi guys can I get your thoughts on something? So my car a/c doesn't work. and well.. its getting hot in Australia and im leaving in a week for a long road trip into even hotter regions. I took it to the mechanic and they said they couldn't work it out but all the sensors are good its gassed up...
  32. H

    Difference between AV100 and UZJ 100

    going to buy a 100 series but i don't know the diff bw AV 100 and UZJ 100. Can someone please post the differences? Also, the AV 100 I am looking at has leaf suspension in the rear. So did the owner modified it or is it some military grade etc? How'll i replace the leafs? Thanks
  33. Ricky_UK

    Newbie FJ40 owner

    Hi all, I'm from the UK but currently living in Pakistan where I've picked up my first FJ40. Im currently planning a full restoration. any hints tips and tricks would be great to know. I'll keep a updates coming as the project moves along. best regards, Ricky
  34. R

    Toyota Land Cruiser FJ75 Austrailian Model

    I need some help finding some parts for my FJ75. ( Passenger side mirror & Speedometer). It is very difficult finding parts for this specific model it seems like. Can anyone help me out?
  35. RL12

    WANTED: LWB Landcruiser Colarado 90 D4D

    Hi all, I'm looking for a LWB Landcruiser Colorado 90, Needs to be: 3.0 D4D Diesel <200k miles Good condition Ideally: <150k miles Blue, black or silver VX LC4 or LC5 spec Non-import and standard Located in Staffordshire or Devon budget of £3-5k depending on condition, mileage etc...
  36. S


    Hi boys, new to this! Just wondering what sort of problems people usually have with the LJ70 Bundera between 300,000 - 400,000km? Mine has just ticked over 300,000 and it'd be great to have an idea what to look out for and keep an eye on. Any advice helps. Thanks! Pete
  37. phil1ooo

    Just Joined, Hope we can be friends

    Hello. New to the Landcruiser Club and hope I/we can be friends. I bought a standard 2006 IFS GLX V8 which I've owned now for 2 years and just starting to make changes, upgrades and modifications to it. I like the truck look on my Landcruisers which I've been driving and modifying now for...
  38. cbour32

    Wanted: 1998-2006 Toyota Land Cruiser / Lexus LX470 - Maybe GX470

    Hey New to the forum but I've been following for quite awhile, ever since I started looking for LCs again. I am looking for a 98-06 Land Cruiser or LX470, may also consider a GX470. My budget is between 9-15k depending on the vehicle, condition, mods, maintenance, mileage, etc. I am looking...
  39. F4uwarrior

    96 80 series Landcruiser in scrap yard

    Anyone needing parts in Cincinnati, Ohio? I pulled a steering box off it this morning but it still has a lot of good parts including engine! No front axle but otherwise it's mostly there! Reply if you want the Scrap yard name.
  40. S

    Selling 1998 Landcruiser

    I am selling my Landcruiser and wanted to post in this forum if any Landcruiser enthusiast may be interested. - details search Craigslist Atlanta for 1998 Landcruiser. Or contact me via email [email protected] It's great truck!!!! Susan
  41. S

    2005 1HZJ105 high oil pressure gauge, red dirt and window issues

    Hi, am getting lube mobile to change my oil strainer as I believe it is the reason it is giving high oil pressure on the gauge.... is it possible to do this yourself? Also have an issue with the passenger window - it has dropped and wont go up. So i took apart and found out it wasnt the...
  42. C

    LandCruiser Vs Hilux Ute Vs Ford Ranger Ute

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if you guys can help me out here, sorry if i posted in the wrong section. I am looking to buy a 4WD in about 8 months hopefully and I am just deciding what to get (Long decision and research needed). I do want to eventually get Bullbars, Lights, 2-4inch Lift, Bigger...
  43. T

    Late 76 FJ40 For sale.

    ust trying to sell my fj out of Salt lake city utah just got done repainting and treating all the rust minimal bondo, original 2f engine 3 speed great drive train good leather seats red with black pieces on the seats repainted the inside floor removed gas tank and cleaned, new door panels ...
  44. A

    Speakers Placement For VDJ79R GXL

    Has anyone tried to fit bigger speakers in this ute? any ideas where to put them? I have pulled the door card off and there isn't a lot of room and where there is room the door pockets get in the road. any help would be appreciated. Cheers Andy:icon-biggrin: