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  1. R

    LJ70 Rear Bench Seat Brackets

    Good Morning. I recently bought a 1993 LJ70 LHD. BLUF: It did not have a back seat, however, the seller was able to find me one prior to purchase. My issue is that the vehicle did not have the side floor mounting brackets and the seat did not come with them. Is this something they sell...
  2. W

    2LTE engine loads of blowby and blue smoke.

    have an lj71 with the 2lte engine. blows heaps of smoke on idle and when accelerating from idle especially. loads of blowby coming from oil cap. have a theory that the blowby is pushing oil past the stem valve seals and up the hose into the turbo crossover pipe (intake) and then burning. has...
  3. W

    LJ70-71 Landcruiser Prado Suspension

    have a 1991 lj71 prado with the 2lt turbo diesel engine, want to do a 2-3 inch lift. just want abit of guidance, has anyone else done a lift on one of these and what works best?
  4. I

    Iconic Heritage & Refurbished - 1990 Toyota Land Cruiser LJ70 Turbo

    The Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the few true heritage brand 4x4s. US prices for vintage diesel Defenders and G-Wagons have risen sharply over the past few years, putting them out of reach for many buyers. This has yet to happen with Land Cruisers, even though they are arguably a better...
  5. RL12

    LJ70 Gearbox crossmember

    Hello all, I do offroad winch challenges and am looking for a new LJ70 gearbox crossmember so it's not as low. Couldn't see any off the shelf parts so will be designing & making it myself. To get the correct height does anyone know if the crossmember is supposed to be flat underneath? mine...
  6. C


    Hi Guys I am rebuilding an LJ70 -1988 from scratch and need to find any body parts i can put my hands on. Can anyone help?
  7. Kileni

    How hard would it be to maintain an LJ70 in the USA?

    I've wondered if and when I move back to the US whether it would be hard to get parts for my LJ70 LandCruiser in the States. Thanks!
  8. RL12

    Landcruiser LJ70 external roll cage

    Hi all, i've just put my old LJ70 roll cage on ebay. as detailed in the listing it's a bit tatty but solid, and would cost a fortune to fabricate from new so grab a bargain! cash on collection from Uttoxeter or i may be able to deliver it, message me on ebay and let me know you're a LC club...
  9. Kileni

    your recommendations wanted for LJ70 electronics

    Hi, I bought a 1986 LJ70 that was in pretty bad shape. We've almost got the body work and paint job done, so now I need to buy whatever electronics will be needed. Please help on the following items AND WHATEVER YOU RECOMMEND! a stereo - What size will fit? I'd like one that has a screen that...
  10. O

    *Solved* Installing a radio to LJ73

    *SOLVED* The old radio ended up being an after market radio anyways, I undid the whole rat's nest that was behind and redid it all. going to try to do something a little more permanent in about a month since the left speaker is blown...
  11. J

    LJ70 Fixed hub to Free wheel hub conversion??

    Greetings fron Sri Lanka, I have a Land cruiser JL70 SWB 1988 with fixed front wheel hubs.(old model i guess) Is it possible to convert those in to manual lock hubs. Please help....
  12. Kileni

    how to mount LJ77 seats in an LJ70 Landcruiser?

    Has anyone mounted LJ77 back seats (the ones that flip up and then hang beside the rear windows) in an LJ70? I was thinking about doing this to create a little more hauling space, but it doesn't look like the mounts fit without modification.
  13. Kileni

    LJ70 upholstery - seat cover and carpet options?

    The carpet and seats in my 1986 LJ70 are in terrible condition. Can anyone recommend a great place to buy high quality replacements in Europe or the United States? I've got an old LandCruiser HZJ 105 that must have been the most basic model Toyota ever made. It has a heavy vinyl/plastic...
  14. Kileni

    1986 Toyota LJ70 LandCruiser original wheel and tire sizes?

    Can anyone tell me what the original 1986 Toyota LJ70 LandCruiser wheel (rim) and tire sizes were? Was there only one factory original wheel (rim), or were there various? Got any pictures? Thank you!
  15. Kileni

    Wanted: 1986 Toyota LJ70 LandCruiser owner manual

    Hi, does anyone have a link for a 1986 Toyota LJ70 LandCruiser owner manual? Thank you!
  16. S


    Hi boys, new to this! Just wondering what sort of problems people usually have with the LJ70 Bundera between 300,000 - 400,000km? Mine has just ticked over 300,000 and it'd be great to have an idea what to look out for and keep an eye on. Any advice helps. Thanks! Pete
  17. emrahdeniz

    LJ70 Isolation For Sound

    I bought a 1989 LJ70, 2.4 Diesel (2L, not Turbo) in Turkey. The car was previously rebuilt thus I did not have to make the basic upgrades, thus went on modifying the details. I hate the noise in the cars thus I decided to isolate the car for sound and vibration. In this thread I'll be posting...
  18. E

    Advice on buying 70's series

    Hello All, i'm in the market for a 70's series diesel and was wondering if anyone could chime in with a few pointers on I am looking at, and/or just give some general input on things to look out for. I am new to LCs and this forum so forgive my NOOBnes. I came across this one on ebay. it is...
  19. B

    Hello Every Body

    The name's Danish. Got a beast LJ70 1988 this Month. The beast was being used for mostly loading type work so it is certain that some bones are out of shape. Nevertheless bought it and loved its experience. Got sufficient 2L-T 2446cc engine. Sufficient for my needs. It has every thing genuine...