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    Agree :) We towed a caravan for about 50 miles without realising that handbrake for the caravan was on. It is stupid and we should have checked - there is no excuse for that.:cry: There is a autobox temp gauge installed as well as a large Hayden transmission cooler. Box was recently filled...
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    Synthetic or Mineral base ATF Fluid

    It's time to drain and refill automatic transmission fluid. After reading the glories of castrol transmax z on Lcool considering switching to it except that it is prohibitively expensive.:icon-rolleyes: Are there any relatively economical alternatives to transmax? What are the pros and cons of...
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    Recommend road biased tyres please

    Thank you Andy and Chadr :) bought brand new Cooper zeons @ Camskill.
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    Cash money while travelling abroad

    We use Amex Travellers cheques. I think you can get prepaid cards from fairfx euro and caxton. We tend to spread our travel cash a bit - some in travellers cheques, some in cash, and the rest on prepaid cards.
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    Recommend road biased tyres please

    No response so far Andy first preference if I have to go on the part worn route is BFG A/Ts - unfortunately they are hard to come by even in the part worn market.
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    Recommend road biased tyres please

    I am looking to to buying a new set of 90% "road biased boots" for the old girl :think:- She is currently on 275 70 16 Nankang Super something tyres. Where can I get them at good price(s) - so far I've looked on camskill and blackcircle websites so far to get an idea about prices. Your...
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    BFG AT 275 70 R16 OR 285 70 R16 part worns tyres please

    I am after 4 BFG AT 275 70 R16 OR 285 70 R16 part worn tyres with atleast 8mm tread- preferably with no sidewall damage or punctures. Please send me a pm. Tom
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    Aircon and smoke

    Picked up an aircon pump from the breakers - have to find someone local to get it fitted.:icon-cry:
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    Aircon and smoke

    Thanks joinerman :) That seems to have done the trick.
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    Aircon and smoke

    Sorry for asking a dumb question :icon-question: where do I adjust the tension for the aircon belt? Do I need a sst or any other tool to adjust it? I am thinking of removing the aircon belt temporarily - till I have a chance to take it to a aircon specialist. Thanks
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    Aircon and smoke

    Aircon not working - so I bought a can of aircon refrigerant from Halfords to recharge the system. Followed the instructions had the aircon on max, started charging. All of a sudden there was a squealing noise and smoke - from around the aircon pulley. It looked like the pulley seized and the...
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    Uninsured vehicle hot spots

    I.M.H.O proper police work costs money. Relying on CCTV / ANPR and perhaps Drones (in the future) to do police work is :eusa-naughty:
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    Got my new 80 series at last

    All the best Chris. :icon-biggrin:
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    Has the time come to part company with my 80....and are people buying them?

    Going by the number of "We buy all landcruisers" type of adverts on Fleabay and trader I guess there is a decent demand in the "ideal for export" market. When I enquire about a landcruiser that's up for sale I am asked " Are you looking to export it mate?":icon-biggrin:
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    'very rare' 80vx series for sale

    He is asking £3600 for it here
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