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  1. P

    Many diesels, first Toyota J90

    Name is Ken. Just acquired a 1996 J90 TX trim tan with grey trim 200,600 KM on the clock and it’s in decent shape. No mods as of yet however I did manage to fix the baked laminate issue on the clinometer. I’m looking to fit a decent bumper with uprights and some thicker skid plates, fit my dual...
  2. spnk

    SOLD: 90 series, in Romania

    There's a sad day in every Land Cruiser's owner when it's time to move on, and sell your baby away.. 1998 Land Cruiser Prado J90. 1KZ-TE engine (125 hp, 3000cc). 333000 km. Registered as an LKW/N1 (Light Commercial Vehicle), featuring the Dutch after-market mod. Extra things that I've added...
  3. J

    How much boost?

    Howdy! Just a quick little one guys. Ive got a 120 TD with a 3"exhaust(1Kz-te). Wondering how high i can safely turn the boost up? Standard is 10p. Also wondering if im going to start playing around with boost control if i should get a better air filter or not worry too much? Cheers. Jesse
  4. M

    Hauling the Mail

    Hello all, My name is Ken and im in the Nebraska. I recently imported a JDM '95 Land Cruiser 78 Prado with the 1KZ-TE. Right now it has no mods other than a set of 32 x 11.5 r15 BFG km2's that came with it. T he previous owner had installed a goofy body kit that covered the front and rear...
  5. zsandoe

    1kz-te Injectors

    I have a kzj95 prado and I’m interested in doing the injectors. It has 126k miles. Should I replace the injectors or rebuild? I’m mechanically inclined so the scope of work doesn’t worry me. Either way, where can I find the parts for rebuild or the new replacements? A google search hasn’t really...
  6. C

    Yet another Spill control question

    Hi Guys, I have been enjoying this forum a whole lot, you guys have so much information here that makes life a little easier, thanks to the team for compiling and running it I have a 1kzte - 3.0td 4wd 1995 Granvia, it's more or less a Prado or 90 series Landcruiser. I imported it from Japan...
  7. GPW

    1kz-te injection pump leaking from the fuel-temp sensor :(

    Hi all, I actually have a Hiace but there seems to be so much 1kz-te expertise on this forum I thought perhaps someone may know the answer to a somewhat obscure question. This is the grimy top of my injector pump, when I pressurise the fuel using the primer pump a ring of wet fuel appears...
  8. MZ_prado

    1kz-te shutting down by itself! (engine failure) Help....

    1kz-te shutting down by itself! (engine failure?) Help.... Hi there. After running my spouse's KZJ71 M/T 1kz-te 3000cc engine for a couple of minutes, being it in the morning or any other time of the day (as long as it asent been runed any time before of the day), the engine shuts down by...
  9. S

    hello and what engine is this?

    Hello all, Im new on here and am hoping you guys or gals can help. I run a Charitable children's home in Kenya (Arise and Shine Kenya) and travel out there three times a year from the UK. On the last visit we managed to buy a 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 78. I need to take out a few spares for...