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SOLD: 90 series, in Romania


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May 21, 2017
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There's a sad day in every Land Cruiser's owner when it's time to move on, and sell your baby away..

1998 Land Cruiser Prado J90. 1KZ-TE engine (125 hp, 3000cc). 333000 km. Registered as an LKW/N1 (Light Commercial Vehicle), featuring the Dutch after-market mod.
Extra things that I've added during the three years that I had it:
- DEFA coolant heating system
- added the IDLE-UP function
- after-market seat warmers
- installed the "color" clinometer
- SONY sound system
- two layers of sound and vibration isolation in the trunk + replaced the flooring with a rubberized carpeting
- transformer bed which can be folded away or used as two benches for 4 extra passengers (not for public roads). size is 189x136 cm
- installed an inside trunk door handle (like in the Arab version), plus changed the cover with a plastic/aluminium composite plate, and in the process of adding a foldable table from the same material
- and other small add-ons

Runs great, recently changed the oil + filters, chassis was reconditioned and treated a couple of years ago, recently installed a "new" back axle (reconditioned and treated), got new shocks and springs 1.5 years ago, new clutch kit, gear box and engine work fine, whole suspension system was revised half a year ago. Usually get the car in the shop every half a year for inspection and fixing whatever needs to be fixed.

Closest its been to off-road is forest and gravel roads, and I've used it mainly for long distance driving around Europe. Comes with 2 sets of original rims and 3 sets of tires. Summer: Michellin (60% asphalt, 40% gravel) 2.5 years old with about 5-6mm left. Winter: Goodyear (removed studs) with about 1 season left, and Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 used for only 1 season, over 8mm left.

Completely revised 5900 kg winch (new wiring + control box + 25m steel cable + bearings inside the fairlead rollers, replaced some of the gears), and 3500kg tow hook.

I'll also add a bunch of parts and accessories, like an extra front windshield, a weatherproof cover, Thule roof racks, and a lot of other goodies.

It's been a nice project, lots of work and money put in to it, but I'm relocating and unfortunately it's not quite feasible to take it with me, so it's time for someone else to take their share of fun from it.

Asking price: 6700 euros. Negotiable

Happy to answer questions.


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Looks a good one but the first thing any interested buyer will ask is where are the underneath pics , chassis suspension and stuff .

Good luck with the sale :thumbup:
Good point. Will try to take some tomorrow and add them to the rest.

Thanks! =]
Wasn't our Clive was it ?

I did tell him about it suggesting i definitely wouldn't take the piss coz he's been green with envy over mine all these years :laughing-rolling:
Nah, it was somebody who saw the ad on a local online marketplace
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Clive is a Brit living in Romania some of us have driven out to visit a few times from the UK , personal joke really coz he loves his 80 series .

Bet your sorry to see her go and i hope there is another cruiser in your future :thumbup:
Yes, I don't think I've truly realized it yet, but it had to go. I will definitely get another one, and this time it will be a 70 series, and I'll keep it until I get buried in it :sweatsmile: