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  1. C

    Has anyone successfully registered a new LC 70 in Spain/EU?

    I am in need of a good dependable off-road vehicle. I don't like any of the vehicle's available in the European market at the moment for one reason or the other. I am interested in importing a new or a relatively new left-hand-drive LC HZJ76 or VDJ76. I prefer the V8 VDJ76 for power and torque...
  2. steezoh

    Landcruiser HZJ78R Deathwobble

    Gday, thought id make an account to document my experience with death wobble in my HZJ78R. This issue is honestly pretty terrifying to encounter and can be a bastard to diagnose so im writing this to help anyone currently or in the future dealing with this issue. So, to give you some context, I...
  3. C

    Best sources for buying pre 2004 HZJ78 or 79 worldwide

    So, I'm searching worldwide for the right 1HZ Troopy (or possibly a cab and chassis that I can build a camper for) to import into Canada. It must be 15 years old to import into Canada, so currently that would mean a manufacture date of 01/04. I would prefer it already had a pop-up roof because...
  4. TravelToy

    1HZ 78 : looking for rpm and oil pressure gauge

    I'd love to have an rpm gauge (tacho ?) and an oil pressure gauge. Anyone any idea on how to install those, if at all possible ? Kind regards, Chris
  5. TravelToy

    HZJ-78 Pre-heat light and oil level light stay on

    As mentioned in the title, the pre-heat and the oil level light stay on. 1. Pre-heat light When I turn the key half way the ignition, the pre-heat light comes on and goes out after a few seconds. This is pretty normal behavior I think. But then, once the engine is started, after a few seconds...
  6. TravelToy

    HZJ78 - Engine number / gearbox identification

    Anyone know where I can find the engine number on a 1HZ engine ? Also, is there a way to identify what gearbox is mounted ? I'm looking into a 2001 HZJ-78 Chris.
  7. M

    For Sale: RHD and LHD Brand New Land Cruisers all around the world.

    Dear All, We supply all models of Land Cruisers globally including RHD and LHD versions of HZJ79, HZJ78, HZJ76, LC200, LC150. Our stocks are in Japan, Dubai, Singapore and Antwerp. We deliver cars upto the customs only. Importation and local registration are done by our clients. We delivered...