1. Watamu LC

    KZJ78 for sale in Kenya.

    Dear all, The time has come for me to part with my much loved KZJ78W-PET. It has been a pleasure to drive and hope that it will go to a good home. The car is located in Watamu, Kenya and am hoping to find a serious buyer through these forums. If you know of someone, please feel free to share...
  2. Robzimbo

    Revised: Stone doesn't eat brake caliper. Rim eats caliper.

    Not sure where to post this - 'Brakes', 'Trip reports', 'pub chat'... but it happened to my 105 so I'll put it here, though I guess it could have happened to any vehicle. I was up in Meru National Park a couple of weeks ago. I crossed a river, and soon after there was a scraping sound from the...
  3. Robzimbo

    Nairobi to Meru National Park

    S and I are just back from a wonderful few days in Meru National Park, one of the most remote and unexplored parks in Kenya, the place where George and Joy Adamson ('Born Free' etc) ran their research programmes in the 60's and 70's. We caught the end of the dry season, and the beginning of the...
  4. Robzimbo

    In Kenya (and sometimes in Zimbabwe)

    Hi all, I just posted an intro on the 'introduce yourself' page. I'm mostly in Kenya, sometimes in Zim, pretty knowledgable about a lot of Africa, drive a 105 in Kenya and a VX80 in Zim, know good mechanics in most places between Cairo and Cape Town, and would be very happy to give advice to...
  5. Robzimbo

    Cruiser owner in Africa (Zimbabwe and Kenya)...

    Hi all, My name is Rob. I live mostly in Zimbabwe, but also spend a lot of time in Kenya. I'm on my fourth LC - my first was a 1996 VX80 which I sold in 2008 with 350,000 kms on the clock; replaced with another '96 VX80 in Harare, which I drove with my family, and another family in another VX80...
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