1. smit.chips

    smit.chips New Member I am in australia

    Hi boys, new to this!

    Just wondering what sort of problems people usually have with the LJ70 Bundera between 300,000 - 400,000km?

    Mine has just ticked over 300,000 and it'd be great to have an idea what to look out for and keep an eye on.

    Any advice helps. Thanks!

  2. Ben

    Ben Well-Known Member Supporter Guru I am in australia

    Welcome to the club Pete. :thumbup:

    There pretty strong old trucks and theres no particular things that break or go wrong when you put a bit of mileage on them.

    So long as there maintained properly!

    So keeping on top of oil changes, filter changes, keeping an eye on wheel bearings and uni joints for excessive play. Keeping an eye on the various oil seals to make sure there keeping the oil in the various components.

    Keeping the cooling system in good condition to avoid over heating and blown head gaskets/cracked heads.

    On Australian models in particular many people have issues with rust in the roof.

    Apart from that they just keep on going! :thumbup:

    Where abouts in OZ are you?

    What engine is in you're 70? :think:
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