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  1. C

    New Troopy Engine Whistle

    Hi all, Peter here from Australia. Hope everyone's having a good Tuesday (or Monday, depending on your geographic inclination). Had a question for any owners of current model V8 70 series. We took delivery of our new troopy a couple of months ago and have noticed a high-pitched whine/whistle...
  2. AmirAndAzadeh

    Troopy 78/75 setup and products for overlandes

    Greeting everyone from New Zealand, we have developed full interior Troopy fitout aluminum setup, cabinet kitset for Troopy owners, Two layout available. Here are some images of our products and also we have rear barn door tables with implemented storage system plus rear windows molle panels ...
  3. AmirAndAzadeh

    78 Troopy to buy-LC70_3door-Import to New Zealand

    Greeting from New Zealand, Im looking to source a 78 series (Right Hand Drive) to import to New Zealand and build it up for world overlanding, Do you guys know a reputable exporter/dealer or reseller to be able to trust them from overseas and source the vehicle to suggest me pls? The vehicle...
  4. R

    Hj45 troopy

    Check out the auction for my beloved fully restored Hj45 troopy model. from my knowledge and research the only right hand drive Hj45 fully restored troopy model in the uk. can be shipped anywhere in the world for around £2500 shipping costs dream car for any Toyota enthusiast...
  5. B

    A 1992 75 Series Troopy build: Advice and help will be needed

    Recently purchased an old beat up 75 series troopy. For the most part, it seems decent just well used. I don't have much background with working on trucks so I assumed the pretty basic build of these trucks will allow me to learn and actually accomplish something. So we will see. I attached...
  6. LegoCruiser

    Should I panic buy this FJ45?

    So I have never owned a Land Cruiser before, driven a few in the distant past and I now have the time and space to own one. I've been looking around for a while at various 70s but have always deep down wanted to own a 40 series (or a 70 too). Now is my chance! This rather Aussie looking beast...
  7. C

    Where Were 45 and 47 Troopies Manufactured and Sold?

    As the title says, I'm trying to nail down what countries around the world these Troopies were originally manufactured and originally sold. Anyone know of lists and sites identifying this? Also interested in the same info for 75 and 78 Troopies. Thanks.
  8. TravelToy

    Troopy build : Webasto / Eberspacher, looking for install tips

    We're starting the Troopy build and one of the must-haves is a Webasto/Eberspacher heater in the back of the truck. I found a good spot to mount it (near the left hand rear door) so we can get good air supply (the stock rear air vent). However, I'm struggling to find a good way to deal with the...
  9. TravelToy

    1HZ 78 : looking for rpm and oil pressure gauge

    I'd love to have an rpm gauge (tacho ?) and an oil pressure gauge. Anyone any idea on how to install those, if at all possible ? Kind regards, Chris
  10. C

    Hi All! I'm looking for a Troopy 45 or 78 or Dbl. Cab 79

    My 2015 Tacoma recently burned up, so I've decided to use the insurance money to buy and build out (camperize) a manual trans, diesel 78 series Troopy or Dbl. Cab 79 series. I'm on the left coast of Canada, but will look at a truck from any location. Would prefer something in the 2002 to 2004...
  11. S

    HJ47 shutting off frequently

    Hi all, new to the land cruiser club, old to to the land cruiser gang. I have had my 1984 HJ47 troop carrier for just over 10 years now. For the past 9 years I've serviced myself, and 5 years ago had the engine reconditioned. Just this year I've started taking my old boy to a mechanic as I have...
  12. H

    OBD in 2003 Troopy

    Hi all, first post - be kind. Trying to find out if the 2003 troopcarrier with 1HZ has a OBD port (or similar). Done a fair bit of searching around unable to find the answer. From what i can tell it doesnt have one, but thought i better ask just in case. There's nothing wrong with the the...
  13. Cjwestoz

    1hz78 non turbo - flat spots

    Hi all My non turbo 1hz 2004 manual troopy (125000kms) has flat spot most gears at 2000-2600rpm. I can power through no problems but if i just want to slowly build up speed or even cruise in that range its a pain. not sure if related but the car has a whistling sound almost like its a turbo...
  14. AlanofOZ

    VDJ78R Flip Top camper conversion

    G'Day. I can see that there are a few threads about Troopy conversions, and I thought people might be interested in the one I recently had done. We had operated for a while with a roof top tent and a basic fit out in the back, with a dual battery system, 180w solar panel and regulator, an 80lt...
  15. C

    78 Series - How many rubbers for horizontal windows?

    Hi guys, Continuing on with the restore of my 78 after the hail damage. I've been looking on some online websites selling apparently genuine parts much cheaper than what I can get thru a Toyota dealer. However, when I've disassembled my horizontal sliding windows in the Troopy and laid all the...
  16. C

    78 Series - How do you remove the drivers / passenger glass

    Hi guys, I am new to the forum. Unfortunately my 78 Series Troopy got caught in the large hail storm in Brisbane last November. As part of the repair they are going to fix the rest of it up if I pull it apart. While it's mostly apart, I was looking today at how to remove the glass (Sliding...
  17. Leopard

    Land Cruiser 70 Troopy

    A lot of you might recognize this truck from when Jonnie posted photos of it a few months ago. He mentioned that he might not keep it, so I jumped at the opportunity when he messaged me and asked if I was interested. My wife and I have had an overlander 80 series for a while now, but I've had my...