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  1. Ciderman

    I know I know.... another tyre question... sorry

    Hello fellow nutters. I currently have Continental Cross Contact M&S 265/70 R16's fitted on my original 8J 1993 alloys. They have exceeded 30'000 road miles now and looking almost ready for renewal. However - there doesn't seem to be any more of these available in 265 or wider. I'm gutted...
  2. Idle Yorkshireman

    Should I change my wheels?

    Hi folks - I have Bridgestone AT tyres on the wheels below of my armoured 105, I had a slow puncture which we have repaired but it made me wonder about whether winter tyres would be necessary. Obviously the vehicle weighs 4.5 ton and we live on top of a hill in the Pennines where it does snow a...
  3. I

    Front tyre rubbing (but just on the right hand side)

    Just swapped my tyres to 265/75r16 Cooper SST Pro and for some reason, the right hand front tyre rubs on the inner arch liner on right lock, but the left hand side is fine . Looks like the right hand wheel sits further back in the arch (towards the rear of the car) than the one on the left...
  4. I


    Just joined the fold (after years of misery with the ‘green oval’ brigade) and now the proud owner of a 2001 5dr Collie D4D Changing the old tyres to a set of 265/75r16 Cooper SST Pro and now sorting a set of steel rims, but completely confused myself on what offset I need. I’m thinking 16x8...
  5. AntonOverland

    Overland build - tyre and suspension

    Hi, new to the forum. I have a 95 that 8 have completed one large trip in so far down to Morocco in 2019 running old standard suspension and standard 265 70 general grabber at3. The trip went well bar a cracked tank and the rear suspension sagging but know I have the want for something a bit...
  6. G

    35s vs 37s 79 series and offset rims??

    Hi Guys Im in the market for new wheels and tyres for my 79 series, ive decided to go with either a 15x10 -50 or 16x8 -44 offset steel rims on the back to correct the tracking issue as i cant afford the legal options at this stage. (Any advice here would be much appreciated) My question is...
  7. K

    PZJ77 Suspension Lift, Tyre and Rim size selection

    Hi guys, just signed up. I have a 1993 PZJ77(LWB, leaf springs all round, 3.5 diesel) and I am looking at giving it a lift and getting some rims and tyres for it so looking for recommendations. Putting an ARB winch bar and probably a Superwinch on the front. Application is for on road and farm...
  8. S

    Used tyre(s) wanted 35 OR 37 x 12.5 x 15 inch, any level of wear odd tyre or a set

    Unusual request but I'm mocking up my spring over axle fj45 and can't pick between 35s or 37s. Does anyone have any old tyres in 35 or 37 to fit 15 inch rim? I want to experiment and set final height / wheel offset before expense of a full brand new set. ideally AT rather than muds but if...
  9. H

    Rear tyres wont spin

    I started my Cruiser today and put it into gear - but the old lady did not move. I jacked the car up and checked if the wheels are spinning - the front ones do, the rear ones only for a inch before they get stuck. Does anyone know what the reason could be?
  10. N

    18in versus 16in wheels

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum, but not new to Land Cruisers - on my 3 generation of Amazons. I have a manual 04 Amazon with 18in wheels and standard 275 60 R18 tyres. I'm after additional rims for summer tyres (currently have 18in winter tyres fitted). The wheel (and tyre) size changed...
  11. A

    Advice required on better grip in snow - keep getting stuck!

    Anyone know why I'm struggling to get good grip in the snowy conditions. May be me being completely thick for thinking that my LJ70 would have no problem in light snowy conditions but I keep getting stuck! Had to get pushed out of a carpark that had about 6 inches of snow on! Bit embarrassing...