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Front tyre rubbing (but just on the right hand side)


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Sep 18, 2021
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Just swapped my tyres to 265/75r16 Cooper SST Pro and for some reason, the right hand front tyre rubs on the inner arch liner on right lock, but the left hand side is fine .

Looks like the right hand wheel sits further back in the arch (towards the rear of the car) than the one on the left hand side ? Is this normal, or am I missing something obvious (all looks straight underneath and nothing is loose) ?
Caster correction sounds like it will solve your problem, that's what controls the forward position of the hub (along with camber for tilt, and toe for turn in). The adjustment bolts for these are notorious for being seized solid though
Was searching for that on the internet. Haven’t found anything yet

Seems to drive OK though and it hasn’t been lifted, which is why I wondered if it was an ‘oddity’ of the mouldings being different either side
Its normal i'd say , have a look for these on your lower wishbone , as already said they are usually seized solid but if you can max them out shifting the wheels forwards at the rear end a little then go for a wheel alignment its unlikely the pro's will touch the same bolts .

Just been looking on the parts manual for a 90 series, is this them on the lower wishbone ? Assume I adjust together for camber / toe alignment


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Not much in the way of camber anyway so it will adjust your toe more than anything which can be put right with the track rods .

Though i wouldn't bother yet if you plan to add a lift or change wheels in the future .
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