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Jun 4, 2019
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Hi Guys,

I had a quick search on various threads in relevant forums but couldn't really find a great deal of info on plug in boxes for the 1HD-FTE.

I'm looking at a custom 3" SS exhaust and possibly Allisport intercooler, if SWAMBO/purse-string holder can be convinced...! Not keen on pushing anything too far or delving into big turbos, AT valve bodies etc, just increasing efficiency and compensating for some extra weight once a few expedition goodies are in place. Has anyone got experience of boost control on the 1HD-FTE?

I've cleared out the EGR and all its piping and blanked it. May fit a catch can too. I've removed the intake manifold and swirl flaps for a decrudding (I'm being VERY careful with preventing chunky oily carbon bits getting into the cylinders!). Does anyone know if the flap module is only fitted to the early engines or throughout?

I'm looking for feedback from 100 series owners who have experience of the brands available in the UK, below is a little list of what I've found available, recent prices and performance claims. I guess the Rolls-Royce box would be the Steinbauer but I'm keen to see if anyone has had decent gains with the more cost-effective boxes?

If anyone knows of other providers, ones to avoid at all costs, specials etc please let me know...!

Kind Regards,


Keep in mind that the stock ECU cuts off fuel during gear shifts. Any aftermarket modchip that doesn't respect that will shorten auto's life and negatively affect shifting.

My choice would be the Unichip - it's crazy popular & successful in Australia.
Good info Ivan, that's interesting about fuel cutoff... something I can fire at a manufacturer to check.

Thanks for the vote for Unichip, Redline in Essex were quick to get back to me over Christmas.
... I've removed the intake manifold and swirl flaps for a decrudding (I'm being VERY careful with preventing chunky oily carbon bits getting into the cylinders!). Does anyone know if the flap module is only fitted to the early engines or throughout?....
The flaps are only on the later engines, those with egr cooler and 5-speed auto, and only in Europe (or maybe that should be "not fitted in OZ and general countries version").
The flaps are only on the later engines, those with egr cooler and 5-speed auto, and only in Europe (or maybe that should be "not fitted in OZ and general countries version").

Hmmm... Curious... I must have an on the cusp 4AT with some later engine bits...! May 2002... Got the EGR cooler and the flaps... But the 4 speed box... Also has the 17201-17050 turbo...

Do you happen to know roughly what the flaps are there to do...? Swirl...? Low speed influence...? High speed influence...? Emissions...? Performance? Stability?

Were there any other major engine bay differences between early/late models?


Correction: The swirl flaps (and the EGR cooler) came before the other engine changes, possible in Aug 2001. It's just that I can't remember seeing them on any 4-speed.

The flaps cut off one intake valve on each cylinder, thereby increasing the flow speed and improves mix/combustion efficiency at low power. They open when you open the throttle more. In the parts list they are called "Valve Assy, Intake Air Control". Also the injectors and opening pressures changed.

Then, in Aug 2002, came the 5-speed A750F, change in ECU, IP-algorithms and valves; electric intake shutter, suction pipe to remove oil from IC.
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Be very careful with the Steinbauer Ive had 2 of these units for different years (ecu) of 1hdfte vehicle 1999 and 2004. both had the power, but could not overcome the transient drivability issues (shuddering and tug back). Sent the chips back for firmware upgrade, investigated pumps and injectors. Allsorts neither were ever ever right. Company would not refund and really not all that interested. They are very expensive too.
In contrast Tunit advantage 3 works very well with these vehicles 1hdfte. Excellent support and they just work. I have fitted a few advantage 2 (no longer available) and had to tweek a few gain values for drivability, but honestly the advantage 3 just works straight out of the box. Only thing better than tunit would be unichip but these really need calibrating on rolling road. Unichip is a good product though. I would definitely stay away from Steinbauer for the 4.2 1hdfte the denso oem software does not like this product in my experience. Having said all this some of the steinbauer products on Mercedes I have tried have been very good. But that's common rail not EDC (a very different system) Speak to Mark at Tunit really helpful guy.
I own 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ 100 4.2 TD.
Have been searching for tuning box for a while (6 months) because here in Finland it is not possible to remap ECU(too old Cruiser apparently).
After long research there are 4 possibilities left:

DTUK(same as DTE systems)
DTE systems
Steinbauer(3 times more expensive than others)
Vector Tuning module for VP44 pump.

Now what I have learned from this forum is that those first 3 options do not work properly! And there are few more tuning boxes that are similar to DTE and DTUK boxes, which apparently have problems during gear changes.

How ever, I have been in contact with Vector Tuning,asking about VP44 tuning box. I reseived a fitting diagram which shows that their tuning box connects to the ECU,4 wires to the connectors that connect to ECU. Instead of connecting straight to magnetic valve of fuel pump like DTE and DTUK.

Is the Vector box right one for HDJ 100? Is it possible that it cuts off fuel during gear changes,due to the fact that it connects to the ECU?
I have sent mail to Ivan at Vector Tuning asking about the fuel cut off. He has been very very helpful answering all my questions so far.
Any other suqqestions about the tuning boxes? Or forget about it?!
The 1HD-FTE uses a Denso рump. Totally different from the Bosch VP44
This is screen capture from Vector:
"Tuning Powerbox Module VP44 is designed for diesel-powered vehicles where the working pressure of the fuel is achieved with the VP44 (Bosch) pump as well as the Denso pump. Specially designed for your vehicle, the Tuning Powerbox Module VP44 enables faster acceleration, higher engine power, more driving dynamics, and reduced fuel consumption depending on your driving mode For all this reasons, you'll get to enjoy driving so much more with the Tuning Powerbox Module VP44."
Can you please tell me the difference between Bosch and Denso pumps? For my novise eyes they look the same and chip manufactures seems to make no difference between them. It would be great to learn the difference.
Resurrecting this thread as I have the same configuration as @GrahamR. 4AT and a 17201-17050 .

What did you decide to go for?
Went for a Tunit Advantage 2 (recon'd, good deal on ebay from Michael @ Tunit Chorley) , got the wiring harness in, pretty straight forward. Truck been SORN'd for the last year and moved off the drive for the first time yesterday, so no feedback on functionality or performance yet! Tunit box out, MOT this Friday :grimacing:, will see how that goes then plug it in and start bench marking.

I'll post back once it's back on the road properly and I've had a chance to make sure everything I've done works! Intercooler is on the wishlist but will have to wait till bank balance has recovered from brakes, bearings, bushes, belts, fluids, underseal etc etc. Standard exhaust for now till its through MOT then will get the 3" stainless one sorted. Will investigate turbo rebuild at some point.

Rig will be for camping/touring, so not towing or any heavy offroad. If pockets were deep enough, I'd likely go for unichip and full custom map.
Thanks for this, I'd been looking at those on ebay too, and like you i'd likely go for a unichip if I hadn't just bought a landcruiser.
Hi guys - little late to the party but our tuning kit will offer somewhere in the region of +40% increase to torque, or around +140 LB-FT of torque. Our total horsepower / torque outputs for the Land Cruiser Series are 22% lower, as the kit was modelled on Cruiser with chunky off-road tyres, increasing the resistance on the rolling road and naturally decreasing perceived power. I wouldn't pay attention to "total" power outputs - pay attention to the percentage gains instead; they're most important.

Graph: The 1HD-FTE engine produces 380 LB-FT torque from birth. 22% off 380 is around 300 LB-FT of torque (as shown in by the green line). Hope this clears up some misinformation around the Unichip. With our tuning Kit, you'll be looking at 440 LB-FT of torque, or 597 Nm.

OP: @GrahamR - You've misinterpreted Steinbauer's performance figures & have quoted 500 LB-FT of torque - the 500 figure quoted by them is actually in Nm and not LB-FT! Not picking holes - i'm just an advocate of properly quoted figures. Loving the colour coded spreadsheet though. :wink:

MODERATOR(s): think of this as an Public Service Announcement rather than an advertisement - every Land Cruiser deserves the best. Please do respond to our previous correspondence about becoming a trade member - believe I was talking to a Mod named Crispin? Thanks. :thumbup:


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I bought a 2005 100 series that had a Tunit fitted, i have just replaced the Tunit with a Unichip and what a difference. The difference that the Unichip has made is almost unbelievable and it still has a higher power setting to go.

I would defiantly recommend the Unichip.
I guess the Rolls-Royce box would be the Steinbauer but I'm keen to see if anyone has had decent gains with the more cost-effective boxes?
I think this needs addressing - there is absolutely no analogy between steinbauer and RR. Steinbauer are a away overpriced generic tuned basic module that is no better than all other variants that are the electronic equivalent of turning the fuel screw up on a mechanical pump. They just tell the spill driver to add more fuel, their only advantage being they can keep adding fuel beyond the 16 psi boost cut of non VNT ECUs.

Without a doubt - the only serious contender is Unichip. These are the only go to option for anyone wanting serious power and or reliability. Although admittedly they need to be done in a dyno to get the best out of them. For a while a Gturbo we’re running DTEs and able to get good figures but they were putting their own tune on them match their serious turbos. I also have a feeling they had a falling out with Unichip, but are back on board.

I guess if you just want marginal gains, with stock hardware (eg turbo, injectors, IC etc.) most of the generic pre tunes are fine. I just can’t see what paying for steinbauer gets you over the rest