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  1. T

    Diesel injector pressures on 2001 Amazon Landcruiser

    Hi, I have a 2001 Toyota Landcruiser, 1HD-FTE engine, and I think that one of the injectors is faulty. I have checked the book and contacted by Loc al Toyota dealer and the give me different pressures. Can anyone drop me a line please with what they should be?
  2. B

    75 series engine swap

    Hi there! I’ve recently purchased a 1988 75 series and am looking at doing an engine swap. I’m looking at putting 100 series engine in... either the 1hd-fte diesel , or the 2uz-fe petrol. I just wanted to know if both options would fit. I would also want to swap the gearbox to the 5 speed auto...
  3. GrahamR

    HDJ100/1HD-FTE Turbo exhaust flange

    Hi guys (and girls if there are any on here?), I'm trying to source a suitable (preferably stainless) 3 hole flange (yes yes... queue dirty jokes) for my 100 series turbo. I've ordered an exhaust from Oz and it's got the 4 hole flange on the dump pipe... Apparently all HDJ100's over there have...
  4. GrahamR

    100 Series Plug-in Tuning Modules

    Hi Guys, I had a quick search on various threads in relevant forums but couldn't really find a great deal of info on plug in boxes for the 1HD-FTE. I'm looking at a custom 3" SS exhaust and possibly Allisport intercooler, if SWAMBO/purse-string holder can be convinced...! Not keen on pushing...
  5. Stretched 75

    Newbie in process of doing conversion

    Hi all stretched 75 here. From Australia. I've had the big girl about 5 years now, the 1hz has done 690.000 kms she's out now and have just bolted up a 1hd fte wirring loom yet to be done.. she's an x loggers 4x4. Hence the extra length in middle of chassis to carry a fuel tank 24/7. If some...
  6. S

    Future 100 Series Owner

    Hi everyone. I've been a lurker here for a few months and am hoping to take the plunge soon on a 100 Series LC. Currently driving a BMW F30 330d, and it just isn't quite cutting it for me... Having read every interesting looking 100 series forum thread back to about 2012, I thought I might as...
  7. teckays

    Help wanted to investigate some issues

    Hello everyone and glad to be here on this forum. Roughly one month ago I bought a '02 LC100 with the 1HD-FTE engine and there are some problems I would like to get help investigating. Obviously I will visit a specialist but first I would like to know your opinion on that. So here they are: 1...
  8. Miro

    1HD-FTE MAF sensor pin out

    Does anyone know if the process of testing the mass aif flow sensor (22204-27010) on 1HD-FTE, is any similar to the procedure outlined here: Particularly, if the pin out of the 22204-27010 MAF sensor matches the...
  9. Silviu

    1HD-FTE injection pump

    Hi, I'm having issue with my pump with MFR Code 22100-1C400. This seems to be a pump from a different car ( other type/year). I searched for the pump based on my VIN number and found that the pump should have been 22100-1C170. Can someone help me with a VIN number from a RHD vehicle made...
  10. S

    HDJ79 (1HD-FTE) Instrument Cluster Pin configurations

    Anyone have a wiring diagram or the pin configurations for a HDJ79 (1HD-FTE) main instrument cluster? Hoping to find the pin/wire with the speed signal OUTPUT to the ECU (I found the INPUT on green-orange). Cheers, Stu '04 HDJ79 Extra Cab (custom)